Saturday, May 4, 2013

Waiting for cousins

The girls and I are MORE than excited about this summer for many reasons...but the 2 biggest reasons are pictured below:)
Cara, Chris and Charlie will meet their new baby in just shy of one short month!!! We spent a lot of time talking, touching, and dreaming about baby Seaver this past week!!

Ben and Sarah are expecting their first little boy towards the end of July!! We can't wait to add another boy to the mix:)

Both these precious babies have been prayed for and are about to be welcomed with so much love.This summer is going to be unforgettable in our books...hurry up cousins!!

Wakefield family vacation part2

Wakefield family vacation part1

We just had an amazing week in Rome and Atlanta with my family. So much fun and so many memories.

Emily's debut

Emily expressed an interest in joining Caroline for ballet this week. The teacher said it was fine so she had her first lesson and was an angel:) I was afraid Caroline would "mother" her too much but it wasn't an issue at all.