Sunday, February 9, 2014

February snow

We have had some beautiful snow the past few days- lovely, fluffy, non-threatening snow! We had a lot of ice as well, but this weekend it was just nice to have 3 inches to play in without the world coming to a complete halt. 

Mommy Daughter Tea/ Daddy Daughter Date

Emily's ballet studio put on a mommy daughter sweets and tea party on Saturday. I took the 2 big girls and we had a blast. We had sweets, took pictures, watched the senior company ballerinas dance, and danced to some silly songs. 
That afternoon Brad was the best dad ever and took Caroline, Emily, Jackson, and William to see the movie Frozen- it was Emily's 3rd time to see this movie! He loaded the van up with 2 5year olds and 2 3year olds and took them out for a special evening. I let the girls know that this is how dates work- daddy goes with you:) I'm proud of Brad for taking them all so willingly- that is a LIVELY bunch and he did it seamlessly...maybe...all except a trip into the movie restroom with all 4 of them.;)

Eureka Springs

Our family (plus our friend Peter) took a trip to north Arkansas to stay overnight in Eureka Springs. We drove up Friday afternoon, drove through Fayettville and stopped for dinner, then reached our destination. We stayed in a very neat castle-esque Inn called the Matterhorn...we rented the "penthouse"/whole top level of the Inn to accommodate all of us. It was very nice- but also very COLD that night! Thankfully the girls room had a heater in it, but Brad and I slept in toboggans and layers of clothes. We discovered castles are very neat- but we are glad we don't live in one for insulation reasons alone. We woke up and toured the town- walked the neat windey, mountain downtown area filled with shops and neat hotels. We went to see The Crescent Hotel- a hotel that truly looks like you've stepped onto the stage of a scary movie from the 1800's. It was beautiful but supposedly had a lot of "haunted" history behind it...we didn't explore that part of it;) We then ventured to The Christ of the Ozarks statue which is the 2nd largest statue of Jesus in the world! Very random that it is in Arkansas, but very beautiful. The 3 girls (and their daddy) did some serious hill rolling as I watched  and took video. I'm pretty sure that log rolling down the hill was their favorite part of the entire trip. We had lunch in a local restaurant, then went and spent the afternoon at a wildlife preserve called Turpentine Creek. They had tigers, lions, bears, coyotes, lepeords, and more. It was neat to see all those animals and learn about their rescue stories. Then we loaded up for the drive home, stopped in Russellville and a great restaurant called Stobys and made it home around 9pm. Fun weekend:) Another location can be checked off our Arkansas bucket list.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

January fun

Here is a little glimpse inside our January.
Emily started ballet again and loves it .
Caroline continues in gymnastics.
Hannah continues to wear whatever costume she can find that resembles her sisters.
A few baby powder application lessons which usually means our days end up like this...
Some days you just have to surrender to the natives. 
More playtime with daddy while he is on research!
Heifer ranch trips

Lots of dress up
We do each other's hair at least 5 times a day...
Sometimes it means we go out looking like this...
To see movies like Frozen ( now viewed 3x by our big girls)
But they always look precious to me...especially when they will allow me to 1/2 way pick out their clothes- which is a rare occasion:)

Happy New Year

New Year's Eve we spent the day with our friends and celebrated the way 2-5 year olds like to- eating and playing outside. We made root beer or orange floats and toasted to a great 2014! These boys have become so much a part of our lives...every holiday that passes it makes me sad to think we won't be celebrating here in LR with them next year. 
That evening we drove to Hot Springs to walk through an amazing outside light display at Garvan Woodland Gardens. Our friend Peter went with us. When we got home it was almost we put Hannah to bed but let the bigs stay up and watch the ball drop (don't tell them that it was actually last years ball!) but we blew horns, toasted sparkling cider, and popped confetti outside! Fun memories...and all made by 10:45pm. 
A tradition we started this year was to "let go" of something from 2013 and look forward to a better 2014. I think Ems was something like "I won't poop in my pants." Which I am very grateful...however we have been potty trained for well over a year now. Thanks Em:) 

2014 is going to be a BIG year for our family!!! So many new beginnings for us as we finish residency in June! Update on all of these changes soon!:)