Friday, January 29, 2010


Today was a yucky day here in Little Rock. We had a day full of ice, sleet, and snow. Not the fun, white, fluffy kind of snow, the dangerous roads kind of ice and snow. Thankfully Brad made it to and from the hospital safely, but had some serious sliding action. We stayed inside all day in our PJ's and enjoyed just playing, napping, and making cookies. Caroline helped and she did an awesome job. You can tell she didn't have a clue what we were doing, but she enjoyed it. She really enjoyed eating her cookie (with some icing of course!) after dinner for dessert. A little pre-cookie making snack...of animal cookies of course!

This was first thing this got much worse...and lot whiter.

This was from last night- Daddy bought Caroline a special prize. It was a "Tickle Monster" Book that has special tickle monster gloves that go with it. Precious!

This was also yesterday. Mary Ellen and Rachel came to watch Caroline during my doctors appointment. Poor baby was actually sick...and ran a fever the rest of the day, but she was loved having the girls over. Yes, she's in her PJ's. Notice a trend at our house??

PS- Doctors appointment was wonderful! We are on the books and scheduled for Friday, February 26th at 8:00 a.m. for our little Emily to begin making her debut!! Only 4 weeks away. We can't wait!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Car Soup

I have attempted to challenge myself (and my fellow mommy friends) to try and do something new with their toddler everyday. It doesn't take much to get bored and tired of the same old same old day in and day out. Yesterday I introduced her to a new set of cars. She loved them. We played with some balloons today and I got out some pots and pans and they occupied Caroline for about 45 minutes! We rolled cars on cookie sheets, banged the pots as loud as we could, and then she started a very serious endeavour of putting the cars in the pot, taking them out, putting them in, taking them out- over and over. She loves doing this and I love watching her. After we did this for awhile, she decided she needed to be in the pot as well. She knew it was silly and laughed most of the time but was dead set on sitting in it....and then decided the cars needed to join her....and the stuffed animals around needed in the pot too. It was fun. I'm sure that as soon as she is up from her nap this afternoon we will play with it some more. Thank heavens for easily entertained toddlers!

Other random news...

If you notice her precious little face has red spots on it it is because she has a little infection going on around her mouth- I thought it was just cold weather + drool...but after a doctors visit yesterday we came home with an antibiotic. Poor thing. It doesn't bother her, but it looks awful!

Her hair may look a little greased up...she is now styling it with her fingers during mealtime- pizza sauce, chicken grease, a little of this, a little of that. Love it. She always smells nice and appetizing. :)

She is in love with her blankie now. It must accompany her out of the crib and all throughout the house...even at bath time. She wanted it to take a bath with her, but she finally settled for having it sit on the toilet. :)

Caroline has blossomed into a full fledged tantrum thrower! :) I knew it would come...and the day is here. Pray for me!!! I am not going to give in and pacify her every whim, so I pick my battles wisely. She likes to get her way, and does not like to be told no...kind of like everyone else on the planet I guess. She is learning, but I must say I think her red hair gives her fits a little bit of flare!

She loves snack...and wants a snack all day long. No surprise to anyone that has known her very long! :)Apple juice is her favorite and she will drink her whole cup in one gulp practically...turning it all the way upside down and getting every ounce out. Hilarious...but makes for a lot more diaper changes.

No surprise here...but she has huge feet!! Wonder where that comes from? She is wearing a size 5 now...some 4's, but I am afraid they are squeezing her little toes.

She weighed 24 lb. 10n oz yesterday at the doctor. I guess she doesn't go back until about 15 or 18 months...not sure which one.

I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 35 week appointment. I will not be reporting how much I weigh afterwards. :) I will let you know if anything fun comes out of it though.

Brad is finishing up his plastics rotation and will start general surgery on Monday. Only 3 weeks of it though bc he is taking the last week of Feb. for vacation and the 1st week of March will be paternity leave!! We can't wait!

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. We'll see.
She likes to feed her animals and baby dolls her own snack- especially giving them juice and milk from her cup. It's precious.

Now if this blog wasn't interesting, I'm just not sure what would entertain you! :) Just kidding.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Uh oh....

Caroline has finally started to say "Uh oh"...thanks to her sweet friend Mary Ellen I think! We had dinner with them the other night and after Mary Ellen said a big "uh oh" Caroline repeated it perfectly! In this video she has captured the remotes...which is a "no no" but it got some good footage to show off her new words. :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Petsmart Visit

No, we are not crazy enough to be contemplating adding another furry friend to our family. We thought Caroline would enjoy seeing some animals and this was our solution.
Brad was off yesterday and today so we have been in heaven! I haven't felt the greatest today- could be because of my TOTAL lack of sleep...the bags under my eyes are pleading for some sleep. Maybe tonight....I'll try to be optimistic.

So here are a few pictures to keep you entertained from our laid back weekend.

Daddy and Caroline before church. Baby girl slept til almost 8:00 this morning since she had a late night with her good friend Mary Ellen last night. We went to dinner and then they came and hung out with us at our place for a little while. It was fun, but she was exhuasted!

This picture was from Friday- Mary Ellen came over to play and we had a lunch date. Rachel has just started making these beautiful bows....Caroline was VERY envious of them as you can see. She actually ended up working up the courage to grab one of them, breaking it in the mean time. I felt so bad. One day she'll have bows of her own and maybe she'll learn how to appreciate them more. :)

Thats really all I have. Nothing very important or fun...but something for the grandparents to look at! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010

Caroline's Birth Story

As Emily's due date approaches and I am filled with wonder about how her arrival is going to take place, I have realized that I do not have a concrete account for night/day/night arrival story of Caroline... or if I do, I have forgotten about it. :) So this may not be fun for anyone to read but me, and one day for Caroline.

Daddy and I were living in Macon, Georgia where he was a 4th year medical student at Mercer University and I was teaching gifted classes 1st-5th grade in Houston County. I stopped working the Friday before your due date- I was swollen and VERY ready to pop! My due date was November 18th which fell on a Tuesday. Daddy and I were very anxious for you to get here and tried everything we could think of to get you here! On my due date we went out to dinner, walked through Target, walked through a sporting goods store, and went through Starbucks. Walking and caffeine seemed to be the theme that night. I had become aware and cognizant of what my contractions felt like a few days prior after I had done a non-stress test at my doctors appointment. Well, all that walking helped!! I started feeling contractions at Dick's Sporting goods, so we went home and hung out on the couch...I decided I wanted to time the contractions. And what do you know??? They were 5-7 minutes apart like clockwork!! Nothing painful or even strong, but definitely contractions. So we started timing them around 9:30 that evening and continued....all through the night....I kept looking at daddy and asking him "what should we do?? is this real? it doesn't hurt, but they are consistent." We showered, went to bed- well daddy did. I watched the clock for hours, and dozed off for a few minutes until one of the contractions woke me up- still not painful, but strong enough to wake me. I woke daddy and we just looked at each other. Granted my husband was practically a doctor and had rotated through OB already, we decided we should call OB assessment and see what they said...knowing full well they wouldn't be able to tell us anything over the phone, we just needed reassurance. We decided to get up after that call- around 4:00 a.m. and got ready, grabbed our bags, and crossed our fingers that this wasn't a "false alarm". We would feel so silly! We decided not to call any family until we were at the hospital with some confirmation. This was by far the coldest night we had experienced in a long was freezing!
At 4:45 a.m. we drove calmly to the hospital- all of 10 minutes away, parked and then decided we should give our parents a heads parents were in Rome about 3 hours away, and Brad's were in Milledgeville, just 1 hour away. I told my mom that we were simply going into assessment and would call with an update. And that I did! After going into the assessment area and being checked by a nurse she confirmed that I was about 2 1/2 cm dilated and 100% effaced, contracting every 5 minutes. They decided they would move me to a room and get me started- I was a little bit in shock and not believing that we were actually about to start the long awaited process! We called and told our parents...even though it was most likely going to be a long progression. And that it was!! We told the doctors and nurses that we wanted things to happen as natural as possible- as far as progression was concerned...not the pain tolerance. It was daylight before we knew it and we had a few hours to get situated, stare at one another and realize what was happening. The doctors decided to go ahead and break my water for me since it hadn't broken naturally. After this I wanted to just be up and walking around as much as possible to really get the labor process started- I didn't want to get a lot of pitocin to speed things up...I wanted her to come when she was ready. Our family started to arrive around 10 a.m. I think...of course this could be fairly a blurry synopsis on my part. Bless everyones hearts- they all waited on pins and needles all day long in the awful hospital waiting area. We were only allowed 2 visitors back at a time and it was a long day. Grammie, Grandpa, Nana, Papa, Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, Aunt Niki, Uncle Chris, and Aunt Cara were all there ready for the show to begin! We walked the halls, went out and talked with other families that we knew were having babies at the same time, enjoyed visits from friends and did all we could to get Caroline started on her debut.
Contractions finally started getting stronger and the walking was not so fun anymore- probably around 2:00 pm. We headed back to our room and I wanted my epidural. I think I was about 6-7 cm dilated. We knew a particular anesthesiologist that we wanted to come perform it for us, but he was not able to come as quick as I decided I wanted it, so the doctor on call came about 45 minutes later. I was ready. The actual epidural wasn't too bad- I was terrified of it, but the pain was much more intolerable. Right after the epidural we had a slight scare- Caroline's heartbeat disappeared from the monitor and we weren't sure what was happening. The nurses went into "panic mode" and they proceeded to do all the things they needed in order to find out what the problem was. We were a very nervous and I remember to this day how white your daddy turned. Evidently after epidurals the mommy may experience a drop in blood pressure, affecting baby, and this is not as serious as it seemed to us at that moment. But no one had warned us or told us about it. Probably took all of 5-10 minutes to get things back to normal and alright. A lot of prayers were sent up for sweet Caroline at that minute! She was fine though and the day continued- after the epidural started I was all smiles- the pain was gone! It was fabulous- I was never the one who thought about attempting the natural, drug free birth- me + pain didn't = fun in my mind whatsoever.
My contractions were not as strong as they should've been and I was not progressing very fast. The nurses finally started upping my pitocin level to see if things would get moving. Slowly, slowly, slowly I crept up to about 9 cm by about 7 p.m. I was so tired and ready to meet my sweet baby, but things were taking forever!! My contractions were not very strong so they kept waiting...I guess they were considering a c-section if things didn't continue to progress. My OB doctor on call was Dr. Barnes. The midwife, Jeri Willeby was the one taking care of me that night though. She was amazing and really worked with us to see if we could have Caroline naturally instead of sending us to the OR for a c-section. Finally Geri asked if I wanted to start to push...she evidently thought I was ready or close enough to go ahead and try. We hadn't seen our family in awhile and I know they were all wondering what was going on since I had asked them to leave about an hour before so I could get some rest. No one ever made it back to see me though before I started pushing. We pushed and pushed, for a total of about 1.5 hours...but in the middle of the process my epidural wore off and I was not going any further until they upped it. So we waited- mid-push for the Anesthesiologist to come down and fix me up. We probably had to wait 15 minutes- which felt like ETERNITY!! But he made it, and we started again. We were so excited to be in the final stages, but I was so tired. Daddy was such an amazing encouragement. Finally, Caroline made her debut and entered our family at 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday, November 19th, 2008.
She was perfect!!! We were absolutely in awe....a priceless moment that will be forever ingrained in our minds. Caroline weighed 8lb 14 oz and was 22 inches long. She was a big girl!! I got to nurse immediately and we spent a few minutes just admiring God's miracle. Then Caroline and daddy were off to the nursery to get cleaned up and fixed up. Daddy went out, told the family, and led them to the nursery window to watch Caroline get all fixed up. It was like the paparazzi was there- cameras flashing, videos rolling, everyone in awe of our sweet Caroline! After getting all fixed up myself, I was moved to another room and anxiously awaited to get my sweet girl back in my arms. It was around 11 I think before we were finally reunited. Our family was so sweet to be by our sides the whole time- and to run and get us McDonald's at nearly midnight. I was starving and ready to eat since I had gone without during the previous day. The hustle and bustle eventually died down and it was just me and daddy and our sweet baby girl. We were in words to say. I just remember repeating over and over again- "She is so beautiful! Look at her! She is ours." Funny how I still find myself saying those things today. Probably always will.
Daddy took over and changed every diaper in while we were in the hospital and was able to catch a few hours of sleep here and there. I on the other hand was wide awake- pain meds and all- I wasn't going to take my eyes off Caroline. I watched her the whole first night...she was a truly amazing. The next day family and friends began to arrive and we got to show off our sweet daughter. It was fun to introduce you and you were sweet as could be. Hungry....but sweet as could be. I am probably leaving some people off this list, but these were a few of your visitors- Kristina and Shaefer Spires, Hannah and Baron Mullis, Matt and Allison Barton, Adam and Suzanne Land, Uncle Stanley Hobbs, Misty Kitchens, Kim Griffin, Lee and Brooke McGill, Kevin and Jamie Franks, various medical students that we knew, and right now that is all my crazy mind can come up with! I am sure I am forgetting someone- but please don't be offended if I left your name off the list- should have recorded it better I guess. We were overwhelmed with hospitality and so thankful for all of our family and friends that made Caroline's arrival such a celebration!
We got to go home on Friday the 21st of November. We were so nervous driving home with such precious cargo in our backseat! We got home to a quiet, clean, fully stocked house on Forest Pine Drive. Aunt Cara had decorated signs and put fun banners everywhere welcoming you home. Family was around and we continued living on cloud 9 all together. It was perfect...even after the LONG labor, the extremely painful recovery, and all the unknowns I had conquered that was perfect. And that is the story of Caroline. There are a lot of details I left out that you can ask me about one day if you are curious to know more, but this is the short version. Yes, I know this is a book, but it could be longer! :)

Next story to be told will be for little sister Emily. We can't wait! It is going to be different because we are in Arkansas now- away from all our friends and family. I am nervous to be quite honest. We still feel like newcomers to the town, haven't visited the OB area at the hospital, and we have a 1 year old that will need lots of supervision and care during this next birth story. We are so blessed to have a sweet friend, Rachel, who has offered to be our "life saver" if we were to go into labor in the middle of the night or at anytime really. She is my one "God sent" friend who is going to be on call for my call in the next few weeks. She has offered to help with Caroline until our family arrives from Georgia. Right now we have a scheduled date of Feb. 26th on the calendar, but who knows if that will really take place. I pray it does simply for everyones piece of mind. :) We are SO excited and can't believe we are only 5 weeks away from another special day that will go down in our history books forever!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What DO stay-at-home moms do all day??

Today I took some pictures throughout our day to let you in on the FUN and EXCITING times of my job- the BEST job in the world I might add. Some days it is extremely hard, other days it is like a dream. Either way, I cherish each and every day that I am getting to spend with Caroline. I have really started trying to think of fun and meaningful learning activities for us to do as she turns more and more into a toddler. She is still a little young to do some things (color, cook, draw, etc.) but we are creatively finding new things to occupy our time...we have a whole 12 hours to fill each day. While naps and snack time are right up my alley with what I like as a pregnant woman, the other hours of the day are jammed packed. Here are some of our endeavors....High Chair Gymnastics
(in the midst of green beans, salad, and spaghetti noodles)

Ice Sculpting
(Ice cubes and water = FUN!!! She cried when I put them away!)

Chair Wrestling
(Chair always wins unfortunately and this usually ends up with some bumps and bruises!)

Pillow Wrestling
(Safer choice of my little WWF girl)

Reading and Book Butchering
(She loves her board books, but has just found out that her paperbooks are MUCH more fun)

Shoe Shopping
(She dumps all her shoes and coats out daily and tries on different styles with each outfit- she usually tastes them too.)

Fort Construction
(this was our first one...she liked it as long as I was playing with her)

Party in the Fort
(Bumble Bee, Alien, Baby, and Duck made it to the party!)

Diaper Delivery!!
(Notice the 2 different sizes that are arriving...NEWBORN and cruisers!! Thanks mom and dad for the stock!! We definitely need them.)

(I'll give you these if you come close....)

Animal Affection

Hairball Removal

Running Kisses
(Notice the grimace on my face as I brace myself for this kiss....she likes to run full speed and lay a big one on me... I am NOT complaining! Her kisses are so sweet and she is so affectionate! I love it!)

Toy Placement
(All toys must come OUT of their nice organized containers...always. #1 rule.)

Couch Rolling
(This is where the giggles really come out each day...I love it, although I am sure Emily is ready to be OUT of my poor belly and in the fun!)

Nature Exploration
(A little stick eating, berry picking, rolling in the grass, dog watching)

And her favorite.... Meal Time!
(Which means a LOT of clean up time for mommy after the fact- notice the naked baby in some of the pictures above...the shirt had to come off after this meal!)
All in all we have an amazing day...these pictures don't even take up 1 of the hours of our day, but they are all special moments. We watch DVD's, dance and listen to music, have playpen time, do laundry together (yes, she finally will help!), pick up toys over and over, play hide and seek, explore the back porch, sweep, talk on the computer to family, attempt to color, look at mail and other fun things that can occupy our time. Those are just to name a few.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE MY JOB!!! Thank you Brad for helping make it possible...thank you friends and family for supporting me on the NOT so fun days, and thank you LORD for my precious little Caroline- she amazes me!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nothing special...

Here are a few random pictures from this past week.

Ketchup Face after an evening out at Applebee's!

Bubble Baths with Daddy are my FAVORITE!!!

Mommy has started using the Pack N Play a little more these days.

Coloring attempt...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Almost to 33...

Thanks to everyone who inquired and checked on us during our no hot water fiasco the other day. It was fixed by 4pm and the day turned out to be just fine! :)

As I mentioned in my last post we had our 32 weeks doctors appointment last Thursday. My belly measured exactly right and we got to listen to Emily's heartbeat and even catch a few glimpses of her during an ultrasound. She must have been sleeping or playing games with us during the ultrasound bc she would NOT move her hands away from her face for anything! We nudged and budged and jiggled her and she kept her little fists up in front of her the whole time. We were able to catch a few glimpses of her eyes and nose, but not a full facial view. Those 3-D ultrasounds are a little scary anyway, so I was content. All I can imagine is a little mini-Caroline face...simply because she is my only reference point! However, Brad and I think that Emily will come out looking totally different than Caroline- we are thinking she'll have brown hair, brown eyes...who knows. Caroline was quite a beautiful surprise...we know Emily will be too!

The plans right now are for me to continue to stay off my feet as much as possible and make it as long as I can up to around 39 weeks. We looked at dates for induction (we will do a c-section if we make it past 37 weeks) and Friday, February 26th was highlighted. SO...we'll see! That is only 7 weeks away!!! We can't wait and are so excited to meet her and have our newest addition in our arms!

Caroline is doing so much lately it is blowing my mind! She LOVES to play with her baby dolls...she must have an inkling of an idea whats coming her way. :) She feeds them baby bottles, puts diapers on them, gives her passy to them, and feeds them snack and juice. She loves playing in Emily's nursery and actually got to sit inside Emily's crib today...she wasn't sure what to think. The other day she was loading the crib down with all the toys she could find. I'm sure we are in for some adventures with Caroline taking care of Emily. When I ask her where baby Emily is she will point to my belly. So sweet. I know that Caroline has such a snuggly, lovey, caring personality and she is going to make such a great big sister. The first few months will most likely be VERY challenging...or make that the first few years....but after that my heart is overflowing with fun dreams about what my 2 girls will be like. Thank you Lord for these precious blessings!

On a totally different note- we have 2 Mercer Medical friends coming to stay with us Thursday and Friday night to interview at the hospital for residency programs. We are happy to offer a FREE home and meals to these guys since it seems like only yesterday we were blowing unbelievable amounts of $$ on interview trips for Brad. One of Brad's best buddies, Matt Barton who is living in Baltimore, MD is one of the guys- it is going to be GREAT to catch up. We can't wait! The other is Blake Kimbrell who is currently at Mercer now, about to graduate in May. We wish them the best of luck on their interviews and are crossing their fingers that AR may become their MATCH! :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

If I were a hot water heater where would I be?

This morning has not had an amazing start to it! It can only get better...I hope. To let you share in my fun times I thought I would give you a recap of the past couple of days. Maybe I will find some humor in these situations after reflecting on them. :)

Brad was supposed to come home from working all day on Wednesday night- but he didn't come home at all. He got caught up in surgeries the entire night long and didn't make it out of the hospital until around 10 the next morning. When he is supposed to do this, it's no big deal. When he is supposed to come home and doesn't, I panic. So yesterday morning when I realized that I had no hubby in bed with me- yes it took me until 6:30 to realize this....I popped a benadryl the night before because I can't sleep being this round and pregnant- I started panicking. I knew there was ice and snow out and I worried something had happened to him on his way home last night. He doesn't answer his phone, texts, or anything...UNTIL almost 8:00. He had just walked out of the OR and was exhausted- but alive! So he came home and slept while I took Caroline to a friends house to play during my doctors appt. Brad actually woke from his slumber to come meet me for the doctor's appointment, then headed back home to bed again. We got to talk a few minutes in the waiting room at the office...that has started to count for our "romantic dates". Pretty sad. But anyway, I picked Caroline up and we played all afternoon at home until dinner, when daddy arose from the dead after being paged several times from the hospital. He has 2 pagers with him at all times this month...and he's the only resident on his rotation- plastic surgery. So anyway, we eat dinner together, he bathes Caroline, we put her to bed, and pretty soon after that we are in bed ourselves. We never make it more than an hour or 2 max after baby girl is asleep. So we got to talk for maybe....30 minutes? Who knows, but that is kind of the norm these days. We get to bed and both of us conk out exhausted from our previous day/night.

We forgot it was going to be in the single digits temp wise outside. Brad forgot and forgot to tell me that our landlord called to remind him to leave the water running so our pipes wouldn't freeze.

We toss and turn all night long because his pagers go off at least 4 times during the night- which means he has to turn on the light, call the nurses and solve issues over the phone. Well as uncomfortable as I was, I didn't really mind because I was awake tossing and turning myself trying to figure out creative ways to lay on my beach ball baby. I enjoyed hearing the medical chit chat and probably learned a few phrases. Well at 1 o'clock after a few phone calls and pages Brad had to get up, get dressed and go into the hospital to help a patient. Poor guy. As I took advantage of the empty bed and sprawled out to enjoy a little more room, I reminded him to eat a banana. In case he got stuck there until the next day, I wanted him to be fed. I have no idea how long he was gone, but he did return to bed at some point in the wee hours. He told me he had in fact eaten a banana, a honey bun, and drank a mocha frappachino that we had in our fridge. :) The pagers went off a couple more times until it was around 6:15 and Caroline started stirring. We had the monitor so we got to watch her play and talk a little. Brad didn't have to get up and out the door til around 7 so he actually was at the house when she woke up this a.m. I went to get baby, he went to get a shower....only I succeeded.

Our hot water wasn't working. The cold water, yes. But no hot. Then it hit my sweet tired husband.... "Oh, John left me a message about leaving our water running. I forgot." So we don't stress it, he does his hair all cute and spiked up, turns the water on NOW, and leaves for work....asking ME to call the landlord and do the dirty work. :) I am afraid to call the guy, so at 8:30 when Brad calls to check on things he decided to call the landlord himself. He did. Not a good response. Understandably. So, it's in our hands. I call my dad and try to figure out if there is anything I can do...hahahha. First assignment- find the hot water heater. After searching for about 30 minutes in all our closets, etc. Brad texts me that it is in our attic. I put Caroline down for her nap, bundle up in hats, gloves, coats and boots and head up into the attic VERY CAREFULLY to find this thing. I found it, called dad and we hem hawed around trying to figure things out, but I was clueless. After freezing my tail off I came down, called the landlord and told him to send a plumber out- we would take full responsibility for it and hopefully be able to get it fixed. So here we are now, waiting to hear from plumber. We'll see.

So that was just the biggest ordeal this a.m. To add to my morning were these fun things...
-Caroline was a tad fussy and didn't want to do anything this morning but be with her daddy- who was running out the door as fast as lightening.
-All Caroline wants to eat is oranges- or clementines (little ones w/o seeds) It makes her day to start breakfast off with one of those. As she is downing that I decided to make her eggs and sausage for breakfast. After flipping sausage all around and onto the floor (my coordination wasn't awake yet) and getting grease everywhere, the fire alarm in the kitchen started going off. Caroline nor the cat enjoyed this. I pulled it off the wall and just took the battery out. There was no smoke...just the threat of smoke I think. Aggravating!
-After she ate I reached for a cloth to wipe her down and realize- I can't use freezing cold water to do this! So like the pioneer days I get out a pot and boil some water to use. I felt like Laura Ingles. I know I will have to do it again at lunch time, so the pot is still there.
-And I am not really feeling the greatest with this baby thing this a.m. I feel like I should be sitting, and will for the rest of the day bc things aren't really feeling right. Everything will just have to wait.

And the day isn't even close to being 1/2 done. So the adventure begins...and my hubby already knows that he won't be home until late late late because his doctor he is working with continues to add on new cases to their work load today. So maybe he will make it home, maybe not.

I am happy for Brad because tomorrow night he gets to go on a hunting adventure- something he has been dying to do. One of his patients gave him and a buddy a free night at a hunting lodge, meals, and a free day on the land to go duck hunting. Brad's never been duck hunting, but he is excited. I hope it works out for him...he needs some kind of fun. BUT that means mommy and Caroline will be home alone again tomorrow night. He debated on leaving us, but I really want him to go. I am a bit nervous bc everyone around here told him that the ducks are not around if there is a freeze...which obviously, we are currently right in the middle of. It feels like -2 outside, is 7 degrees, and will only get up to the high teens today. Either way, we are being optimistic about his trip and even if he just gets a fun night at a lodge with good food, hopefully it will be a fun time.

Ok, I'm going to clean up the toys in the living room so that when little goose wakes up we can start round 2 with a clean room. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little of this, a little of that

Caroline enjoying her PB&J sandwich at lunch
Our little snow this past Monday...supposed to snow again on Thursday! :) I wasn't brave enough to get Caroline out in it...maybe next time??

Caroline and her crew

Meeting for lunch with daddy after he got off work from a long night of call. She loves her daddy!!