Friday, March 29, 2013

Hannah Boo

Hannah turned 17 months in March.
She loves-
Eating with her fork and spoon
Trying to put her shoes on
Helping clean up toys
Her snack bowl
Her 2 lovies and 1 blanket...they come out of her crib everything she does
Sucking her fingers and twirling her ears
Going up and down stairs
Bath time w Caroline
Playtime with Emily
Very smart
Cracks up at mommies silly faces
Enjoys putting lids/caps on things
She is starting to sing
Loves to wash her hands
Very verbal
Communicates very well
Officially wants everything the bigs have- things must be fair 3 ways now:) she catches on quick when she is treated differently.
Follows directions better than the older 2 girls ;)
Still wants to walk on her own everywhere we go, no more holding/stroller
Mommy loving/seperation anxiety phase
She has clung to her bottle for WAY longer than my other two...but I've officially hidden them although she still requests them
WILD curly hair
Sleeps from 7-7 and naps once from 12-2
Wears size 4 diapers
Size 2t clothes
Size 7 shoes
27 lbs

She's absolute 17 month old perfection!

My Girls

Sweetness x 3

Emily's 3rd birthday

Emily turned 3 February 26th:) Here are some pictures from her special day and the party. We had her party at our church gym and party room. The bouncey house was by far her favorite thing. We spent the actual day of we birthday eatin cake, blowing out candles and visiting chuck e cheese with some friends. It was a perfect day for a 3 year old. It was so much fun and we feel so blessed to have sweet Emily in our lives.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Bye Bye Binky

Sweet Emily was finally ready to say goodbye to her night time/nap time passy. I started seriously talking about getting rid of it when she turned 3 and knew when she was "ready" it would happen without a hitch as everything else has with #2. Truth about Emily: You don't PUSH this child into anything...when she is ready, she will let you know she's ready. All it took was an Elmo DVD about saying bye bye to Binky, a favorite baby doll (who has a passy attached), and a promise of ice cream for breakfast and it worked!! I'm totally not against using bribery in the correct time and place. So proud of little Em.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


The Hobbs are alive! We didn't disappear Christmas Eve as our blog seems to portray. Things just got crazy with a snow storm, lots of family, trips to GA, birthdays, a still crashed computer- and here we are over 2 months later:(
Fail on my part. BUT I will slowly try to record the past few months for our own sake so when we print this we will at least have some compilation of this winter!
And to make this blog even more totally random, I will now post a lot of random pics of the girls as of late that wont fall into any particular category...