Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Emily in a basket

Big sister was sleeping so we had a little fun taking some pictures...of Emily in a basket. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Live for the Weekends

We went to the Rivermarket Farmers market downtown Saturday morning to get some fresh veggies and then watched Caroline play in the water. It was SOOOO hot!!! I stayed in the shade with Emily while Daddy and big sis splashed around. Caroline was a little timid- she was more focused on watching everyone around her than playing.

We LOVED having Brad with us the whole weekend. We had friends over for dinner Saturday night, enjoyed church Sunday morning (Emily visited the nursery for the first time...and almost made it through the service- I was paged about 5 minutes before it was over) and then we relaxed at home Sunday afternoon, and got to enjoy an evening with our new sweet friends the Munsons. We are doing a small group bible study with them. Patrick is a ENT Fellow- did his residency at Mayo Clinic and has 1 year left as a Peds ENT Fellow here in Little Rock. Laura is his amazing wife who raises 3 handsome boys- Jaydon(6), Will(5), and David (2). We enjoyed hanging out and eating with them last night and look forward to meeting each Sunday evening together. I took my camera last night and planned on getting some pictures- but seems like things go by so fast while we are over there that I forgot. I feel like I could spend hours and hours visiting with them- their friendship is a true God sent blessing. It's so nice to have someone who can relate and cheer you on in the walk of life you are in. Laura and I are praying about and actually starting the process of bringing the Side by Side Residents spouse bible study to Little Rock. it is a nationally known CMA affiliated group that is alive and kicking in some cities- just not ours. There is not one here, so we are looking into starting one. May be a slow process at first, but I feel like God has laid it on my heart in so many different ways to help minister to other wives, families, etc. who face the same trials we have and are facing. SO...we'll keep you updated on that!

And finally- Emily turned 4 months old on Saturday. It's BLOWING my mind how fast time is going by and how much she is changing and learning every single day! We go for her dr. check up on Friday and will report her stats then. But here are just a few things that she is up to-
-she loves to grab her toes and play with her feet
-She giggles and laughs and is so light hearted when she is interacting with people
-She is a little tenderhearted- gets spooked easily and likes things calm and quiet for the most part
-loves watching Caroline and has really learned to "roll" with Carolines feisty-sister love ;)
-Speaking of ROLLING...she is rolling all over the place! She is having a little bit of a hard time staying asleep because she is constantly practicing her rolls- and once she is on her back she will not go to sleep. So, yet another sleep disturbance that we will work through. ;) I remember this with Caroline, but don't' remember what we did to solve it.
-She has beautiful, bright red hair, grayish-blue eyes, and the sweetest rolls on her legs that you have ever seen.
-She loves giving kisses and will open her mouth and dive in for a kiss.
-Her sleep patterns are still not quite where I want them- but we're getting there. She goes about 4-5 hours at a time- going down around 8 and finally waking around 8- with 2 or 3 feedings between.
-size 3 diapers, wearing 6-9 month clothes.
I am thinking she weighs about 15-16 lbs...we'll see how far off or accurate I am on Friday. :)
These pictures are nothing extravagant, but all I could round up from this weekend. I always have good intentions of taking pictures Sunday before church or when we go out- but we always are in a whirlwind of motion and chaos getting out the door and pictures are not the #1 priority. can't go wrong with pictures of these cuties!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I love my van...I mean MAN!

Today Brad and I celebrate 5 years of marriage. It has proven to be such a wonderful road together that has not been void of excitement and adventure.

What we have conquered in 5 years:

-Medical School

-4 moves (WR apartment to Forest Pine, to Little Rock apartment, to LR House)

-2 sweet baby girls

-Intern year of residency


-the purchase of our first MINIVAN!!
Yes, I am not ashamed to proclaim my love for my new Honda Odyssey. It is a GODSEND and my thoughtful husband was MAN enough to trade his beloved truck in for his girls to be able to function on a daily basis. It's a 2005 Touring edition and it is blowing my mind how much it can offer me! I feel like I now have a "car nanny" to help open doors, switch dvds, play cds, navigate, voice activation, sun screen windows, I could go on and on! It's a wonderful addition to our family. ;)

I am so thankful to be married to my best friend and look forward to many more years ahead! No big plans for this Ritz Carlton, no horse ranch bed and breakfast, no trips to New Orleans, No cruise...just a beloved evening at home with the girls and some yummy chocolate covered strawberries and sparkling grape juice to toast to an even better year ahead!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sprinkler Fun

Caroline discovered yet another JOY of summer...SPRINKLERS!! She has no fear and will walk right up to it and get sprayed in the face. I told Brad all his "conditioning" in the bath of pouring water on her head has paid off...she isn't afraid to get it in her eyes at all. :)

Wakefield Beach Trip

Here are some pictures from our amazing beach trip to Gulf Shores, AL with my parents. Cara, Chris and Charlie made the trip as well and the 3 cousins had an amazing time together. "Vacationing" with babies might deserve another name than "vacation" was a great time though. We couldn't help but imagine what they would be like 5 years down the road when they are a bit more independent. Sadly, we didn't get to step foot on the actual sandy beach since the oil spill was in action, but we had an amazing resort, condo, and plenty of pools/lazy rivers to occupy our time. Thank you mom and dad for a great trip! Everyone was an amazing help to me and the girls since we had to leave daddy in Arkansas. We look forward to doing it again next year! Videos to come next post...

Some highlights/lessons learned during the trip:
Emily's proved to us that she didn't love to ride in the car so much. :(
Caroline discovered freezer pops and fell in love
Emily started belly laughing!!
Caroline officially started babbling silly sentences. She will repeat any word you say and is using so many new words- but she just started making silly jibberish sentences that cracked us all up.
Caroline tried crab cakes, shrimp and some other yummy seafood and loved it of course
Charlie was loved on VIGOROUSLY by his older cousin...and Caroline adored watching him in action.
Charlie and Caroline got to take fun baths together in the huge bath tub
Chris, Cara, and I learned not to drive in sand dunes
It usually takes WAY longer to gear up to go out to the pool (sunscreen, swim diapers, swim suits, hats, shoes, beach toys, drinks, etc) than we actually spend in the pool.
Elavator rides and lobby exploration are excellent ways to calm crabby babies
You can never ride a glass elavator to many times
How to play bananagrams while falling asleep
AND FINALLY...we learned we have the greatest family in the world that loves our girls so much!

Listening for the elavator to ding so we could ride down

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Busy Week

We have had a great week with a lot of visitors in town. My parents got here on Tuesday and the Uhras family from Sweden made it to Little Rock on Wednesday. We had so much fun and have enjoyed spending the week with such special people. We were so honored to have the Uhras' drive to Arkansas to see us. They joined our "family" about 7 years ago- I spent a month in Sweden and they were my host family that I lived with. We instantly hit it off and I fell in love with their sweet family. Patrick, Johanna, Benjamin, and Axel came to America for our wedding in 2005, and then we got another visit with Patrick in 2008. We were very excited to see them again this year. They are so much fun and the boys are precious. My parents were such a huge help as always and they let me enjoy my time with the Uhras family even more. Mom and Dad watched the girls Friday night while Brad and I went to his ENT Cheifs Banquet. We had a blast on a real "date" and they TOLD us the girls were perfect...I choose to believe them! :) Here are some pictures from the week.

Trying to get Caroline to answer "one" when you ask her how old she is

I know I look rough...but I'm not to is a good pic of everyone else...kind of.LOL. We had all just woken up, this was before they left to drive back to GA.

I think Emily may speak a little Swedish after this week- it seemed to interest her when Johanna would talk to her.
We are now headed to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach early Sunday morning. Mom and Dad are helping me make the 10 hour drive with the girls since Brad will not be able to join us. :( We will miss him LIKE CRAZY, but we will enjoy spending time with our family- Cara, Chris, and Charlie will be there as well. The actual beach doesn't look to promising because of the horrible oil spill, but the resort we are staying in has plenty of pools and fun to keep us occupied...and between all 3 babies nap schedules I would be surprised if a whole lot of adventures will take place. BUT it will be a time to relax and enjoy family. We can't wait! We will be back in AR next Sunday. Until then...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Emily Anne and Caroline Grace

Dear Precious Emily Anne,
I cannot believe how fast you are growing!! It seems like yesterday you were our sleepy little newborn- and now I look at you and see such a beautiful, blossoming little personality that is so completely invigorating! I just want to breath you in and steal as many kisses as I can when I am with you. You are so amazing to us. You have such a light hearted personality and are so easily entertained. You are outspoken and love to garble your lovey coos and caws our way. You started giving me a few giggles and laughs to accompany your sweet smiles. If you only knew how you continually melt my heart! I want everyone to see you...your amazing, beautiful self. These pictures were taken of you during your 2-3 month photoshoot by Jill Brannon and Danielle Fields. You have all our love and then some.

*This photo by Danielle Fields Photography

*This photo by Danielle Fields Photography

Dear Sweet Caroline,
You amaze me day in and day out. You are growing and changing at record speed- sometimes I have to stop and catch my breath as I watch you live out your days in wonder. You are so full of wonder...your beautiful eyes that I can't quite "label" with an exact color dance with excitement at the most ordinary things. You are so passionate, so particular, so predictable (to your mommy at least). You are so much fun to play with, to snuggle with, to twirl hair with, and to talk with. You love and live so strongly each and every day that you are so tired and tuckered out each night when we tuck you into bed. Sometimes I even miss you after you've gone to bed...silly I know because I will see your bright eyes early the next morning. I am so blessed to have you as my first Caroline Grace. These pictures that we had taken by Jill Brannon at your 18 month photo shoot capture you perfectly...perfectly beautiful! I love you CGH.

*Pictures courtesy of Jill Brannon Photography