Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drumroll please

Guess what brad is doing in the picture below...
He is signing his first "real job" contract!! Residency is coming to a close and God has been leading us slowly, step by step as we've searched for the best place for our family. We are happy to say that we will be moving to.....
Huntsville, Alabama! 
Brad will be joining a private practice there and we couldn't be more excited. Words can't describe all of the emotions wrapped up in the picture above...but Brad and I can't wait to begin the next chapter in our family story! 

We actually booked our movers and have a set move date of June 25th!! That is just 3 short months away. We are going to start our 9th year of marriage off by starting this new (long awaited) season as a family:) We are actually going to begin our house hunt this weekend!! Woohoo!!! 

Thanks to all our friends and family who have prayed with us, talked with us, and supported all of our endeavors! We are so happy to be moving back closer to our families. It's been a wild ride through residency...which I will be happy to jump off as soon as we can...but also the most memorable times of our lives this far. 

Bittersweet. I've already started getting "weepy" as I talk with close friends about leaving and we start to experience our "lasts" of things here. Time to move on...time for a change. We couldn't be more excited!!!

Month of pictures

A little glimpse into our past month...
Emily's outfits and wardrobe choices have rocked my world.
Lots of fun days spent playing with friends!
"No napping" catches up with big girls every now and then. 
Caroline was the Super Kid in her preschool class. She was interviewed and shared pictures with the class. Everyone went around and shared compliments about her and then her teacher prayed for her. So special:) I was proud of my super kid. Emily, Hannah and I got to come celebrate with her class and watch her. 

Hannah finally mastered the tricycle...not that a 2 year old should be expected to, but now she can keep up with her sisters!
Birthday parties and cupcakes.
Jackson's birthday party
PiƱata aftermath with friends
Donut dates
Rock Creek Tube playing 
Hannah has a lot more to say and is in conversation with everyone these days.
Just enjoying life!!! I'm feeling very blessed to have 3 happy, healthy beautiful daughters.

Snow snow snow

We have had A LOT of snow and ice days this year. Evidently we took way more video than pictures- because this is the only one I have. After many days cooped up inside we were getting VERY desperate for things to I let the girls do their own makeup. Hilarious. And extremely disturbing. ;) I think next time we do this I will let them do each other's make up...their depth perception was just a tad off.
Hannah clearly enjoyed this activity!