Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sister Love

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Dear Caroline and Emily-
At ages 2 and 3 you have truly found your first best friend! It thrills me and melts my heart in a puddle when I see you loving on one another and playing so happily together. Hannah watches with amazement and will soon join in all the shenanigans. It is my prayer that you 3 girls will be the best of friends through out life. It is my joy to show you how blessed you are because you have sisters and because you are someones sister. I marvel at how well you have learned to share and enjoy sharing with each other. I love that you are constantly thinking about one another. I love hearing you start to play make believe together. I love hearing your giggles and silly songs at night through your bedroom door. I love hearing you call one anothers name...and pray that you will ALWAYS be quick to call on each other.  You show me God's grace and love each and every day we spend together. Your mommy is crazzzzy about you.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Jeep

The girls inherited a wonderful Barbie jeep from our friends that moved away. I was hesitant to take it (with visions of me chasing my girls down Brentwood at a lightning pace, baby in hand) but the GREATEST part of this jeep is that it is stuck in "low" gear and only crawls as fast as a snail. I had no idea how smitten my girls would become with this jeep- but Emily has a very serious love affair with the jeep. She wakes up asking for it (still after 4 months of having it), she wants to ride in it every time we step foot outside, and usually before bed she checks out the windows to see how it is doing in the yard. We just got back inside at 7:15 a.m. after I had my morning coffee on the steps while I watched Emily say good morning to the "eep!" The funny thing about Emily and the jeep is that she wants to be driven...she doesn't want to drive. Kind of like Driving Miss Daisy. She beckons Caroline to come drive her, and if Caroline is not willing, she just sits and admires the jeep and the scenery around her...even in 112 degree temps.

 I'm thankful for the jeep and the many hours of fun it has already given us. Thanks Richey family for making Emily's dreams come can TOTALLY see Emily picking out a pink jeep when she turns 16 and being just as excited about sitting in it. I wonder if I can suggest her first real car be stuck in low gear and only go 30 mph. I'll work on that.

Friday, July 20, 2012

hannah video

This was 3 months ago... but still precious!

Hannah- 5months-8months

Wow. I just watched my babygirl grow up right before my very eyes as I uploaded these pictures. Crazy that the time it took to get our computer up and running again (which leads to camera picture downloading) I get to see my sweet Hannah baby change from 5 months old to almost 8 months old(she is really almost 9 months old now but the pics are older)... How does this happen so fast? UGH. She is the most adorable little love...who is not so "little" anymore:(

Yes, that is spit up coming out of Hannah's mouth...perfect timing.

Her first jump in the jumper...she didn't fall in love with that thing like I had hoped.

That passy in H's mouth disappeared around 6 months...she now uses her little fingers.

Comatose by the time daddy gets home from work...but attempting to get some snuggle time in anyway:)
First jumps in her jumper...we are STILL trying to get her to love this thing. Nothing substitutes mommy's arms.

My role as a short-order cook just got harder...3 little tummies to fill each meal is a job:) But I love it.
Caroline is dead set on teaching Hannah to use the iphone. Hannah just wants to eat it. One day she will realize what her sisters were telling her:)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sew fun

I've dreamed of one day learning to sew and creating things for my girlies to wear. I finally attempted this week! I borrowed a sweet friends machine to see if I even enjoyed it/could figure it out.

I probably spent 2 hours learning how to properly thread a bobbin and a needle...but after manual reading and YouTube watching I figured it out:)

I have really enjoyed it so far and may attempt something with a pattern next. I simply wanted to see if I could create something...and I did!

It helps that I have the most adorable models...they make anything look good;)

I even made Allie some pants out of my practice scraps. "Miss Amy" insisted Allie should have something new.

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First drawings

Caroline has never been that interested in drawing/coloring but I sat her down to see if she could attempt to draw something that resembled a person- ad she did it! She used both her left and right hand and had some funny technique, but it was a proud moment:)

1st Drawings by Caroline- age 3.8 yr old:)

SUCH a fun age with a HUGE imagination.

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8 months??

Where has our baby gone?? Little Hannah is 8 months old and changing every single day.
-she is contemplating crawling and does a lot of bouncing on all 4's
- she has figured out how to sit up by herself in her crib...but not how to lay back down...a little trouble at nap time
-sleeping for 12+ hours at night!!!!! Yahoo! She won the prize at earliest sleeper in our crew. PTL!
-size 12-18 month clothes, size 3 diapers
-sucks her ring and middle fingers when she is tired- no more passy
-sleeps with her bunny lovey
-bounces/dances to any beat or music
-LOVES her sisters:) still laughs uncontrollably at carolines antics...but who doesn't??
-very INTENSE and opinionated like Caroline and Emily were at this age

Look at these eyes...oh boy.

You stole my heart when you came into our lives sweet Hannah! Hard to believe you are growing and changing so fast. I am enjoying each moment of your babyhood and steal as much baby sugar as I can from you everyday. You are precious and we love you.
PS- everyone says you look like ME...thrills my heart! Finally a child who resembles me:)

Happy 7 years

Brad and I celebrated 7 years of marriage June 25th. We planned a fun night out to see Lady Antebellum, Darius Rucker, and Thompson Square in concert. A sweet friend kept the girls for us and we enjoyed the evening out.

The weekend before we attended the ENT graduation dinner at the Country Club. We've been spoiled with dates lately;)

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