Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Emily!

(I wrote this blog several days it's kind of past tense...more on the big birthday weekend soon!)

It is not a joke how fast time starts to fly when you a) are having fun b) raising kids c) are getting older! Our sweet little Emily Anne turns one this weekend. Our world was brightened the day she became part of our family. Words cannot express the love a parent has for a child...she truly brings us so much joy. The sound of her sweet high pitched voice, the sweet snuggle of her hugs, her contentment, her awe of Caroline, these are all things that make our heart so fond of her. We have enjoyed the past year, but know how much fun and excitement the year ahead holds for her...and for us.

We have had a whole week of celebrating her birthday since we've been in Georgia. Most of the Hobbs side of the family came to visit and wish her a Happy Birthday while we have been here in Milledgeville. We are looking forward to her "real" birthday party in Atlanta tomorrow with some more family and friends, and then we will celebrate once again when we get back to Little Rock with our playgroup friends. She is DEFINITELY worth the celebrating! Emily is clueless about the celebration, but Caroline is very aware that it is her sissy's birthday. Her only that we have party hats. That, I can handle. :)

Here is a snapshot of what adorable little Emily is like at one:

-She is very calm and content playing on her own, or with others.

-She is a very fast crawler...speedy quick!

-She loves to walk along furniture, but is hesitant to let go. She will stand for a few seconds, but quickly goes down to the floor to crawl. We think in the next month she'll start her walking career...I can't wait!

-She loves to snuggle. She will snuggle when she's tired, snuggle when she first wakes up, snuggle when she wants to giggle, oh, it's so good. She actually stays still long enough to soak up hugs and kisses...unlike another little toddler of ours!

-She sleeps from 7-7- sometimes a little later.

-She officially stopped nursing 1 week before her birthday. We were down to one morning feed, and it was more mommy that was hanging on to it than baby, so we ended that when we started our journey to Georgia.

-She drinks milk and apple juice from sippy cups like a pro.

-She LOVES to eat and enjoys all types of food- favorites include banana, oranges, Cinnamon waffles, chicken, green beans, and really....anything. She doesn't turn her nose up at much.

-She will babble/sing with the sweetest high voice that will melt you. Baabaadaaaadaaagaaaa with lots of inflections. No "words" yet, but soon. We thought she had started saying "mama" and "elmo" but she doesn't really do it anymore.

-She takes 2 naps- one in the morning, one in the afternoon at the same time as Caroline. Anywhere from 1-1 1/2 hours each.

-She loves wheels and anything that spins. She will turn toys upside down and find the wheels and play with those instead of the actual toy.

-She has 9 teeth....and is probably working on more. Teething is no fun, but hopefully we are past the worst part?? Yeah right. 8 front bottom and top, and 1 back molar!

-She has developed a bond with her "lovey"- a pink and brown little blanket with tags all around it. She snuggles to it each time we lay her down to sleep. She also sleeps with a tiny Corduroy teddy bear and a few passy's in her crib. I am starting to put a blanket in too in case she wants to cover up. :)

-She literally "dives" for her bed when she is tired- no rocking, holding, etc. once the lights go out. She wants put down into her crib. Easy as pie!

-She loves to climb up stairs, swing, and ride in her little car.

-She likes watching Baby Einstein and anything else big sister has on.

-She loves to on equals a dancing baby.

-People comment on her red hair and the curls in the back. People always mention her chubby little legs (that have actually really thinned out) and her precious little nose.

-She is wearing size 12-18 months

-Size 4 diapers...probably could go to a 5. But that would put both girls in the same size :)

-She uses a passy but usually is fine without one until she gets fussy or tired.

-75% in height, weight, and head (30 inches long, 22.8 lbs, 18 head)

Emily, you are amazing. We love you more and more each day. We were so blessed when you came into our world and we cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for you and our family in the years to come!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We made it!

The girls and I left Little Rock Sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. and arrived in Rome that evening betwee 8 and 8:30 p.m. The 8 hour trip multiplied to about 11.5 hours, but I cannot say I was suprised. The girls were amazing. No big fiasco's to tell of...excpet I am pretty sure that to be considered a "fiasco" in my books has to be something pretty BIG. Thankfully, with all of your prayers and thoughts....we made it! Caroline asked the ENTIRE day long when we were getting to Grammy's. It was really tough trying to explain to a 2 year old how you just have to keep driving and driving and driving. I felt bad as I would say, "We're almost there!" every hour that passed by...eventually thinking, she will never believe me! But we got here and they have been in heaven since! We are loving on cousin Charlie and Aunt Cara, Andrew and his girlfriend arrive tonight, and of course, Grandpa and Grammy. It has been too long since we've been here. Hopefully these days will last a long long time until the next journey to Georgia. We head to Milledgeville on Wednesday...we'll so how long we can make a 2.5 hour trip last :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In case you missed us...

We are gearing up and packing up to get ready for our journey to Georgia! This past week has not really had any major happenings...just taking it easy and enjoying the nice weather outside. The girls and I leave on Sunday to spend a week with grandparents- in Rome, in Milledgeville, then at my sisters house in Atlanta to celebrate Emily's 1st birthday!! I have taken several deep breaths this week realizing my baby is not my baby anymore. Crazy to think she is already one. My how time flies! I have not been very motivated to blog lately...but hopefully these pictures will suffice.

Last Saturday Brad came home from being on call and declared that it was "Zoo Time!" So we ventured to the zoo and let our little monkeis run wild. They both loved it. Most the animals were hiding because of the deep freeze from the previous week, but we saw a few. Caroline's FAVORITE was a macaw bird. It said "hello" and "hi" and was the favorite. She is still talking about it. I think I called it a Caroline said, " No mommy, macaw bird." Thanks baby Einstein. Way to make me look smart. ;)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Snow Cream!

We were excited to have Brad home early yesterday (NOBODY was showing up at clinic, so they all got to leave work around 2!) Of course the first thing he wanted to do was take the girls out in the snow...and I didn't object! We were bored out of our minds. It took approximately 30 minutes to get them all "suited up" and our play outside lasted about 10 minutes...but they had fun. And we tried to make snow cream. It was fun, a little to sweet, and hyped the girls up for the rest of our snowed-in evening. PERFECT.
Recipe we used:
8 cups snow
1 cup milk
1 cup sugar (may try a little less...3/4 cup)
2 teaspoons vanilla.
Mix it all together and enjoy!

Here are some pics from our snowy day.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tough Cookie

Emily is an allstar. She gets major props for putting up with A LOT from her big sister. She is usually such a good sport and usually enjoys all of Caroline's shananagins. But, last night was a bit much.

Scene 1: Emily was sitting sweetly playing in their play kitchen and came upon the realization that when she bangs her metal pot on the floor, it makes a wonderful loud noise. She and I giggle and play with it for awhile.

Big sister enters the scene. I get up to empty dishwasher while they are occupied, "playing with each other".

After a few too many bangs on the floor something new is discovered. Caroline proceeds to BANG BANG BANG (about 4 times) the metal pot on Emily's HEAD. Tears. Poor sweet thing...Emily you are such a champ. Crying only lasted a few seconds and you she was happy again.

Scene 2...about 1 hour later: After I bathed the girls they were running naked through the house and finally made it to Emily's room where I get them both diapered and pj'd for the night. Caroline starts to play wrestle with Em, all smiles and giggles. Caroline learns to blow "rasberries" or "zerberts" on Emily's naked little self. Still giggles. I leave the room to grab a pair of pj's for Caroline, and I hear SMACK SMACK SMACK (about 5 smacks this time) and return to find out that Caroline was spanking Emily's bottom!! She recovered quickly, but BLESS her little heart.


Do you comfort the hurting child 1st or discipline the unruly toddler 1st?? I need two bodies at these precise moments.

Caroline was not being ugly or mean in either situations, she is just REALLY exploring this hitting thing. Let's pray this stage passes sooner than later!

A few random pictures from our week. The girls are waking up at different times in the morning- Emily around 7 and Caroline around 8. This works well so that I get some "alone" time with Emily and we can snuggle without any interruptions....not that we have ANY interruptions usually. LOL. Since I don't want to wake the other (while Caroline is still sleeping, or when Emily goes back down for 1st nap) I have been giving the girls their breakfast in the living room. So that is why these pics are of the girls eating in the living room. Truly, the only pics I have taken this week. Sorry. Will try to do better. :)

Emily exploring the "Breakfast of Champions" she sees her mommy drink each morning. No, she didn't have the cap off. Promise.

Helping with the trash maintenence.

We made a snowman puppet on Monday when we had a light snow. She tore off all of it's accesories by noon, but we still had fun with Frosty.

We are bracing ourselves for a BIG snow tomorrow...may get up to 9 inches!!! I am totally over the snow. Being cooped up inside is not so much fun. But we will survive. It is supposed to get nice and warm over the weekend, so hopefully it will melt our blizzard snow away in no time.

I am starting to get REALLY excited about our trip to Georgia! Only a week and a half until I take the girls back home for a week visit with grandparents and then a big celebration in Atlanta for Emily's first birthday. I am SO excited. No, really. I am SO excited. Should I say it again? Nah. :) Brad will fly in the day of Emily's bday party and then drive back to Little Rock with us on Sunday.

And finally, a video of one of the girls' wrestling matches. They L-O-V-E to get in each others cribs after naps and will play forever! No one has gotten hurt yet, but as you can see in this video, it gets a little rough! Caroline body slams Em at the end...hilarious.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Funny and more Christmas

As I was working on uploading these videos Emily woke up from her nap and decided she would steal her sisters poptart. She devoured the whole thing much faster than you or I probably could. Is that bad?? She is so precious...who could take the poptart away from this face?

Here are a bunch of random pictures from our past week.

Christmas is still in full swing at our house...and I kinda like it. Caroline has named one of her baby's "Baby Jesus". Baby Jesus and Caroline are tight. They do EVERYTHING together. One night before bed Caroline set up her own nativity scene. She had Mary and Joseph, the shepherds, and the wise men. She loves to sing Away in a Manger and will scream the lyrics at any point during out day. It's simply precious. And really funny. But I love hearing her walk around the house saying, "Caroline love Jesus." What more could I ask for??
This past weekend was BEAUTIFUL! High 60's meant lots of time spent outside. We greeted daddy outside on Saturday morning as he got off work.

Good pose Caroline.

They weren't feeling the picture taking, so I gave up.

We went to the Wonderplace one day and had a first...we took our lunch. Caroline was SO excited about her lunchbox. She wanted to eat right when we got there. We managed to stick it out until about 11. She was in heaven...which made me in heaven. This picture doesn't really portray her excitement, but I was trying to keep Emily from throwing her oranges all over the floor, so picture taking wasn't first priority.

A little puzzle action.

Emily reading books.

Another attempt at a photo shoot...but we both gave up. I just don't have the stamina to get a good picture. A few cute candid one's of Caroline though... Emily was napping.

And here is where some more fun began. Caroline dug out this old Santa outfit (size 9-12 months) and was dead set on wearing it. Oh, I laughed hard. Maybe you will too. We had to let little sis in on the fun. She wasn't as crazy about it. I promise...I did not initiate the dress up in the "tiny santa suit". See video for full outfit commentary by Caroline.

Emily showing some of her walking skills....she is getting closer! She still is really wobbly and doesn't like to stand on her own, but uses the walking toys. She can crawl up steps now. She is one fast little goose.
Interview with Santa....sorry it is sideways.
Nativity explanation...

Emily singing on the microphone...sorry so dark- the lights were off as we were getting "settled" down before bed. She loves talking or giggling into the mircrophone. So precious and so silly...because she is rather quiet most the time unless that toy is around. :)
Emily dancing...a little dancing with The Wiggles before bedtime always calms me down. Again- sorry if you get a stiff neck watching.

Do they know??

This is for all the other moms out there reading. I have found myself pondering a thought over and over again as I go out in public these days. Yesterday as I ran a few errands by myself (Lou was watching the girls) I naturally felt "empty handed." Then the thought crossed my mind again...
"Do random people that I come into contact with know that I am a mom?"

For some reason this thought is so interesting to me and double sided with many different feelings.
Before I go into those feelings...I gut response is this:
I have MOM stamped all over my forehead.
-could be the big minivan I drive.
-could be the tired rings around my eyes.
-could be my unwashed, greasy hair that accompanies the rings around my eyes.
-could be my ancient wardrobe...or the old jeans and sweatshirt that are just "more comfortable" than real clothes.
-could be my muffin top in all my pants. (Look it up if you don't know what that is.)
-could be the diaper, goldfish, and passy that fall out of my purse as I check out anywhere.
-could be the constant glance at my phone to see what time it is and watch my minutes of "away-dom" commence.
-could be that I am usually found in the toy or baby section of every store I enter.
-could be that I want to engage EVERYONE I meet in conversation about my 2 girls if at all possible. I WILL find a way to bring up my little loves.
-could be that I completely ignore other screaming, fit pitching children out in I don't even hear it.
It could be many many many more things. But those were the first obvious ones that hit me.

Brad and I used to talk about how "old" or "young" we looked. We thought it would be neat to ask complete strangers how old they thought we were. We may have done this several times while we were dating. There is something fun about finding out what the public thinks or assumes about you. Well, this is the thought process that I am having about if people know I have children.

Now here is where the different feelings set in. I am so HAPPY that I am a mommy. I love it. I love my sweet girls, I love my mission in life- to be their mommy right now. But there is a tad bit of reminiscing that makes me look back at a time in my life when I was "put together" a bit more. You know, make-up done, hair brushed...maybe even CURLED, new outfits, maybe even a new pair of shoes. A bit on the "slimmer" side, not so tired, accessorized, and able to enjoy shopping for myself, or even for Brad.

I think that a lot of this thought process also has to do with my age. I am starting to feel a little....OLD. Yes, I said it. And all those older will say, you are not old. But bear with's as old as I've ever been.:) I think the wonder about if people "know" I'm a mom may also go along side with my wonder if I can or could pass as a younger woman...such a weird thought. Why do I care if I can look or appear young? Anyway, just an interesting thought process of this tired mommy's life.

Truth is...I'm SO happy that I am a mom. I would wear a T-shirt with their pictures on it each and every time I went out without them (especially since that would mean I didn't have to come up with any other outfit). They are ME. And I am so blessed. Who cares if I don't have gorgeous make up or new shoes. I have 2 little red heads that keep me young.

Have you ever wondered if they know?? Probably not. But now you will. :)