Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aunt Carrot

We were so blessed to have my sister Cara come spend the week with us last week- hence the absence of blogs...we were busy playing! :) She flew into LR on Tuesday evening and stayed till Saturday night. It was SO good to have her here- she loves Caroline so much and it's truly amazing to see how Caroline loves her Aunt so much! CGH has started to have some separation anxiety/issues with people she isn't familiar with so it's always my prayer that whenever family comes around she won't freak out and act silly like she doesn't recognize them. Well my heart was overjoyed when she say Cara she reached for her and hugged her and ate her hair (her new act of endearment) like she hadn't skipped a beat! Sometimes I think that all the hours my sis put into helping me keep Caroline while I finished work helped ingrain her into Caroline's little heart. It was fun to see the interaction. We didn't really do a whole lot of anything while Cara was here- just hung out, swam, ate good food, and attempted to sleep. Caroline must have known Cara was here because she decided to wake up each night- wide eyed and bushy tailed- for hours on end while we attempted to sleep. She must have known we had company and wanted to make every minute count!

Cara and her husband Chris are expecting their 1st sweet little boy to arrive at the end of October. We can't wait!! It's so fun to see her going through all the pregnant emotions, thoughts, and actions that I just went through. I love it! I wish I were closer to be able to share in her EVERYDAY life and routines- but that's not the way it is right now, so we'll make the best of what we have. I'll see them again the last week in August for her baby shower. I can't wait!!

Big Girl Shoes!

Ok, so is it just me or do Caroline's new shoes make her look like such a big girl?? Or is it the little bike she's riding, or the teeth she's sporting? I think she is really getting big...despite my efforts to keep her in "babydom" forever. We may have a toddler on our hands! She officially has started crawling- on her 8 month bday she realized she could go wherever she wanted as fast as she wanted if she would put forth a little effort...she has the will...so she will find a way! Then today, she was supposed to be napping and I noticed she was making a little bit of "conversation" via the monitor, so I peeked at the video monitor...only to see her feet. She was standing up in her crib! We knew the day was coming, but it's blowing my mind how fast it has arrived! So I went in and luckily was able to capture a picture, then put her back to sleep, despite both of our excitement. She looks like she is giving a little "devilish" grin...which could mean she's up to no good. Hopefully she'll be able to figure out how to get back down once she's pulled herself up...or it could be an even longer-louder night time routine. I officially let her cry it out the whole night last night...again. I feel like I've done this 77 times, but I have officially hit exhaustion- so it's time. She slept from 7-2:45. Then she cried, and cried, and cried. Now, some parents tell me "I know it's horrible! Our baby cried for like...45 minutes!" Well, we have a bit of a different child on our hands. She can cry like the best of them and proceeded to cry for 2 1/2 hours- around 5 when daddy left for work she went back to sleep and didn't budge til 7:45 (wahoo!!). Hopefully tonight we'll have a little less....and then a little less...until hopefully she's snoozing through the night. We'll see. Pray hard! She's a tough cookie!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Secret Admirerers

I have been spoiled this week!!! I must say it has been a rough week...not feeling good, busy husband, tiny apartment, firecracker of a baby that NEVER stops and still won't sleep through the night....anyway, it all started feeling a bit heavy. Until my days were brightened by these SWEET surprises!! My amazing sister, Cara, sent me the most gorgeous edible arrangement of fresh fruit...yummy!! It was delicious. I was SO excited to see it arrive on Tuesday afternoon.

Then today, what do I find at my door?? But a box from Mrs. Fields Cookie Company! It had a whole bunch of different sweet treats and yummy snacks in it. I frantically searched to find out who blessed me with my sugar high for the day, but there was no name attached to the message. SO...if whoever sent me the sweet cookies will fess up and admit to your thoughtfulness, I want to thank you!!

Thanks to everyone for your calls, goodies, mail, packages, and listening ears. You have all been my rock through the past few weeks. I love you all very much. I wish I could share my cookies with you!


Today was National Cow Appreciation Day at Chick fil A. Since I definitely appreciate Chick fil a, I thought we would go be supporters of our favorite fast food establishment. Once again, Brad was post call but joined us anyway. We have the best daddy/husband ever! Amber and I have been pining over Chick fil a since we got to Arkansas. We were used to eating CFA at least once a week, if not more in Georgia. Well, it's a different story here. Reason #1- there is only 1 CFA in Little Rock, and one in the mall food court. You would think in a city this size there would be several, but they don't realize what they're missing! #2- We are living in a new realm of "budget-dom" where eating out is not as frequent as it used to be. Who would have thought a chicken sandwich could make your day so much brighter?? Well our Friday afternoon was devoted to this fun day- and to make it even better- since our little one was dressed head to toe in cow attire, one value meal was free! One day Caroline will be eating her little chicken nuggets along side mommy and daddy- but this year she was still snacking on her peas and sweet potatoes. We played on the playground for a little while after we were done eating until our heads were about to combust with all the screaming little cows running around in there. I actually had to lift a 8 year old boy out from behind a slide because he got stuck...oh the adventures of CFA. Gotta love it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

REWIND the weekend

Monday evening we met the Rutledges at the Big Dam Bridge- no, I didn't cuss. That is what it's called. It is a huge dam over the Arkansas River that lets barges through all day long. I guess that is it's main purpose, but 2nd to that it is a hot spot for bikers, walkers, joggers, etc. We decided since it was not particularly scorching that evening to walk a little ways. We only made it half way before baby girl was ready for her dinner, but it was fun. I would love to go back sometime soon and do the whole bridge- but little love will have to be in a great mood for that one. She doesn't like either of her strollers much anymore, so the carrier is what we have been using and it seems to be pacifying her for the most part...for now at least. After that, I'm not sure what we'll try. Amber mentioned she had a red wagon. We may be sporting that next week! :)

She got a good little nap in before the adventure.

This is where you start- well you can start on both sides, but this was our side of the river.

Amazingly we ran into THE only other person I know in Little Rock- my 2nd cousin Travis. He was enjoying the evening as well.

Both dads were post call with almost no sleep- so major props go out to them for enjoying an evening with the family. Notice they are both propped up on the rail, probably trying to keep themselves from falling down they were so tired. I must say, Brad was sporting baby girl as best he could...she enjoyed riding on her daddy for the way up the bridge, but insisted mommy carry her down on the way back.

I want to stop here for a minute and tell you what troopers these boys are! They have only been new residents for 6 days- and both had around 79 hours logged already. They have been busting their tails working non-stop everyday and their brains are officially on overload. BUT, they are turning into doctors!! It's so fun to hear the new milestones they hit each day. And it is reassuring that they are in a profession that they LOVE. Brad really has enjoyed his work- apart from the tiredness. From wearing 6 pagers at once, answering all consultations, and writing/dictating discharge summaries and notes all day long- these boys deserve a medal....or at least a nice walk across a bridge. :)

Caroline got her first set of wheels this weekend! She has with out a doubt gotten bored out of her mind with all her "baby toys" and has needed something new and exciting to entertain her through out our days at home. So we made a trek to wally world and picked out this fun toy and some new books. I must say, books are her favorite- no toy has yet to pique her interest as much as her touch and feel books. I'm glad- books don't take near as much effort on mommy's part!

CGH was sporting her Georgia onesie today and we really were asked if that was for the Greenbay Packers. REALLY?? No, GOOOOOOO DAWGS!! SIC 'EM!


Even though daddy was post call and very sleepy on the 4th, we made it out to a few festivities at the Clinton Library Park. They had moonwalks, music, yummy fair food (which we gave in and got a foot long corn dog, nachos, and a lemonade!) and lots of people. It was very hot, but we enjoyed it for as long as we could. No fireworks this year- except for the ones outside our window around 10:00 that woke us up. We missed being with friends and family a lot! Holidays- even as small as the 4th of July- are just not the same with out your loved ones.

I love this picture...but the silly girl climbing the hill like Godzilla kinda ruins it.

You can't catch me!!

Why can't I jump on those bouncey things??

Friday, July 3, 2009

Peabody Ducks

Waiting for the ducks to come...
THE Duck Master of Ceremonies
As I told several of my friends, the ducks were not all they were quacked up to be. It was kind of a fowl show. I quack myself up.

Think on these things

Today was one of those days where it just seemed like everything went wrong that could go wrong and little Caroline didn't seem to be on the same page with me no matter how hard I tried. We started our day off extra early, which didn't help, and naps were not as long as I would have hoped for. I tried to take her out to see the Peabody Hotel Duck fanfare- she screamed most the time we were there and wouldn't sit in her stroller (see video). So then we tried swimming- lasted 10 minutes. I think it took an hour to get ready and get there. Oh well. Then we came inside and attempted to play- not going to have it. Mommy was tired, and evidently so was sweetpea because I finally had no other choice/or idea but to pick her up, throw her in the car and drive. We drove about 1/2 mile and she conked out and took a good 45 minute nap, during which I was having phone therapy and a Dr.Pepper. I knew today was going to be a long day because Brad is on call and wouldn't be home to break up the evening. And to pout just a little bit more...he'll be home in the a.m. after morning rounds, sleep all day, and then go back Sunday morning and stay the night again. BUT I could go on and on about the "not fun" aspects of my day, but I think I'll choose to cling to this verse instead:

“Finally, brothers (or sisters :)), whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things” (Philippians 4:8 ESV).

So on that note, let's change gears. As I bathed Caroline and got her ready for bed my mind started filling with all the many different things I love about her. She is SUCH a blessing in my life and I could not count a day like today against her. My mind was flooded with all the sweet things about my little girl. It's almost a nightly routine of mine that as I'm putting her down for the night I get teary eyed thinking about all that she means to me. She is growing up so fast, and constantly amazes me.

Things I love about Caroline Grace (7 months 3 weeks old)

-I love how she needs me.

-I love how she breaths me and practically eats my face when she's upset and needs her mama.

-I love her sweet voice.

- I love how she is experimenting with new sounds and inflections.

-I love that you greet everyone you meet with a smile and a coo.

-I love that you have the fastest growing fingernails that I have ever seen.

-I love that you keep one eye barely open when you're falling asleep as if to say "not yet...don't lay me down just yet..."

-I love to watch you sleep in my arms

-I love how you take one last big sigh before you give it up and finally fall to sleep at night

- I love you how know when to be gentle and play with my hair and face while you fall asleep

-I love the way you will sit up and give me the biggest sweetest smile when you know you are supposed to be getting sleepy

-I love the way you and I share moments/looks that makes it feel like we are sharing our own personal joke

-I love how you think I'm hilarious

-I love how you belly laugh and snort when I get you tickled

-I love how you enjoy meal time...you love to eat!!

-I love feeding you with a spoon- we now play airplane and make funny noises to make it that much more enjoyable.

-I love how you love to stand up...all the time.

-I love how you think you can stand up on your own, but can't

-I love how you are a tough girl and don't cry when you fall

-I love how you know how to "turn on the waterworks" just for pity- sometimes it works!

-I love how you have private conversations with the big teddy bear in your room that aunt Cara gave you.

-I love how you have discovered how to knock down blocks- and refuse for them to stay stacked

-I love how you stick your bath toys ALL the way in your mouth at all times

-I love that you love bath time with your daddy

-I love how you look in your towels

-I love your strawberry blond hair and eyebrows

-I love that you have the most perfect nose

-I love that you kiss me on the lips

-I love that you are mesmerized by TV, most of all Baby Einstein

-I love that you can sit up and crawl (when you want to)

-I love that you LOVE to read books- that may be your favorite activity

-I love that you turn the pages in the book

-I love that you love paper- any kind...mail, magazines, books, etc. and try to eat it immediately

-I love that you eat price tags off of items and they get so soggy the clerk can't check us out.

-I love that you enjoy seeing your family on the computer and really have recognized their faces and voices finally

-I love that you wake up so stinking happy in the morning

-I love that you enjoy playing in our big bed once you wake up and mommy can't seem to get going!

-I love that you have started putting puffs into your mouth all by yourself- though I don't think you really like the flavor

-I love that you make funny faces when you taste things that are new

-I love that you enjoy being outside

-I love that you have a fascination with plants- trees, leaves, flowers

-I love that you love other babies- and scream with delight when they start to play with you

-I love that you move your hands and feet in all directions when you get excited

-I love that you have 2 favorite books- Baby Animals Touch and Feel and At the Zoo- we retired Corduroy goes to the Doctor...

-I love that you enjoy typing on the computer

-I love that you have big feet like your mommy

-I love your fascination with Isabelle the cat- and the fact that Isabelle actually likes you!

-I love that you love being blown on- it gets you every time

-I love that you enjoy your car seat most of the time

-I love that you suck on your passy EVERY way imaginable except the "right" way

-I love that you love Hippity Hop the white scruffy bunny

And the list could go on and on, but I'll end with one last thing...

-I love that you love me unconditionally...even when I have bad days like today.

I have learned so many new lessons since I have become a parent that have helped me understand and relate to my Heavenly Father in such a new way. If I feel this way for my own sweet little one, how much love does God have for all His children? And to press on a bit deeper...how in the WORLD did He sacrifice His only son...for me? Who and what am I to deserve that? Would I do the same? I'm afraid of that answer. So I guess I'm getting a little deep here, but that's the power of Love I guess. Love from a child, and love from my Savior. I am so blessed.