Thursday, July 3, 2014

Moving day/Anniversary

The BIG truck arrived on Wednesday morning and the games began. The girls and I only hung around until about 9am- we stood around in the front yard enjoying the surroundings, swinging on our swing one last time. Peter came out to hug his girls one last time and he and Brad hung back at the house while the day progressed. The girls and I left LR and headed to Huntsville. This time to stay. My parents met us in Hville and took the girls to Rome for a few days while Brad and I got our feet under us and closed on the house. We celebrated 9 years of marriage that day- all of which have been consumed with his medical training. We are excited about what new things we have in store for our family!! Here are a few pics from moving day.
The girls are STILL recovering from a long week...they crashed in the van as we drove to our new town.  The night we arrived I had to do a drive by...and fell in love with our new "home". We all look forward to exploring and falling in love with our new life:) we are so thankful for the opportunity God has given is to be here at this moment in time- we can't wait to see what's in store for us!

First Days in Huntsville

We are finally getting settled in. Everyone is enjoying our new house and we are unpacking boxes as quick as we can. We are enjoying the added space and especially our multiple bathrooms!! They girls are adjusting well to being in a new place and we ventured out to find some fun in the midst of our mess at home:) 
Our first stop was Big Springs Park downtown- beautiful park with a large lake, tons of ducks, geese,birds, and fish. The girls had a blast...the ducks and geese were a little aggressive for my liking.
We also went and played at a city splash pad one afternoon- it was terribly hot and we needed something to cool us off!
We went out for ice cream, visited a pool, and even attended our first birthday party. 
We have met some very sweet friends that have children our girls age and we have hit it off right away. I'm thankful that we have some friends here to get involved with. 
The birthday party was for Caroline's first friend- Ryland who turned 5. His little sister Elle is 3 and is precious as can be. They go to the church we have been visiting and will be in preschool classes together. So thankful for new friends. 
We are really loving Huntsville so far:) 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The day before

The past few weeks have been a little crazy- packing, cleaning, preparing and saying goodbye to Little Rock- all while learning as much as we can about Huntsville. Here is a recap of our last day in LR. 
Goodbyes....the hardest part. 
We had a goodbye party at our neighborhood park the Monday before we left. We had about 45 minutes of play and pizza until the bottom dropped out and a crazy thunderstorm caused us all to part ways much earlier than planned. And I only captured one picture of us in the van during the storm...
The storm got knocked our electricity off from 6-9pm. We knew we had movers arriving in the morning so we had to wear headlights and begin/finish the packing process with or without electricity. Always and adventure. The girls took a candlelit bath while we packed bags...and eventually had out couch looking like this-
The movers arrived in the morning and it began looking like this...
So the girls and I retreated to play at Chick Fil A, where we said goodbye to our sweet friend Ella.
Then the girls went swimming w dad...
And then we headed over to the Dooleys to have a goodbye celebration...
Words cannot say how hard it was to pull away from this street for the last time-
Then we all went to have dinner with the Dooleys,our neighbors Keith and Debbie, and Peter. That's when the tears officially started and it started feeling real.
But the night wasn't over yet- our other favorite friends the Gormans came over and spent an evening playing, and hanging out with the girls.
We said our goodbye once again, tucked the girls into their beds for the last time in LR and stayed up until the wee hours of the night prepping for the big day.