Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Years Eve 2014

*I know I am a little out of order and haven't blogged our Christmas yet, but that's coming soon:)
On to New Years...
 We had such a fun night with the girls at home. Brad has been fighting the flu, so he was out of commission for most of the evening, but he partied a little with us. After spending a few minutes on Pinterest and a quick run to the grocerey store, this is what our NYE evening looked like:) 
I put together about 8 activities and put them in little bags to be opened up throughout the evening...sometimes we waited 30 minutes between bags, sometimes 5. Time is still irrelevant to them:) Which also was great because we were able to finish our evening by 8:30pm without any complaints!
Our activity bags...
We re-decorated our tree
We made a cookie countdown clock
We baked 2015 rolls to eat
We filled out All About Me questionnaires 
We enjoyed ice cream on the last cold night of 2014
We watched the classic Annie!! Words can't say how awesome it was to see my girls as captivated by the movie as I was when I was little!
We chose a 2015 Family theme song because...
We love to have dance parties! So we danced and danced.
We took silly pictures
We spelled out JANUARY with alphabet cereal
We made noise shakers
We watched the ball drop (thanks to 2013 NY Times Square ball drop on youtube) and gave hugs and kisses!
We gave toasts to the new year! 
Hannah said something about bananas and Hello Kitty,
Emily wants it to snow,
And Caroline wants to see Disney on Ice....again. :)
We did poppers and daddy lit sparklers for them. Hannah and I stayed inside because it was freezing!!!
And then we went to sleep!!! Phew.

I'm so happy about where God has us this year- and can't wait to see how and what God uses our family to accomplish this year:) 

Happy New Year from the Hobbs!