Friday, April 30, 2010

Macon, Milledgeville, Mills Wedding

We had a wonderful visit with the Hobbs side of the family in Macon and Milledgeville at the end of our week. We stayed with Ben and Sarah for a few nights and had a blast visiting and catching up like old times...with 2 babies along side us. They were sweet enough to host a Sip and See for Emily on Thursday night. She was 8 weeks old that day. We were floored by all our sweet friends and family that came to see us and meet Emily for the first time. It was amazing to talk with everyone- Thank you for taking the time out of your busy week to stop by- it meant the world to us and probably made us miss you all MORE since we got to spend some time with you.

We took off to Milledgeville on Friday for some wedding festivities of some of our best friends- Maggie and Justin. We got to go to the rehearsal dinner and then the wedding and reception the next day. Brad was in the wedding as a groomsmen and had a great time with all the boys. Sadly, it rained on their outdoor wedding, but they ended up married and that's all that matters! Here are some pics from our week of fun.

Emily slept for most of the time during her party...better than crying though. :)

Duck Duck Goose

One of the highlights of our time spend in Rome with my family was a trip to feed the ducks. This was very special for us because my grandparents were with us and they used to take me and my siblings to feed the ducks when we were little. They got to enjoy the tradition with the great grand kids this time. We went to Berry one afternoon with a few loaves of bread and enjoyed feeding the ducks- well, at least the boys did. The ducks were a little aggressive! Poor Caroline was coerced into letting the duck grab the bread directly from her hand and she got spooked...and was a little hesitant after that. My brother in law Chris has some better pics on his camera, but these are what I made it home with. :)

Our time in Rome was very relaxing and full of fun and laughter as we got to see the 3 cousins interact for the first time. Oh how I wish we could do that on a weekly basis. We loved spending time with Chris, Cara and little Charlie...Charlie is amazing! He is so laid back and silly- he is Mr. Smiley most of the time. Grammy and Grandpa were super hosts and took Caroline to ride on a carousel and out shopping a few times. The pulled out all of my old stuffed animals and got some new toys to entertain Caroline. She loved it! It was like being at Disney World with all the new things, unexplored territory, and fun people. Great Grandma and Grandpa Smith were more than helpful by loving on our little girls. I think Emily found her spot to snooze almost immediately when Grandma grabbed a hold of her. Thank you Wakefield-Seaver-Smiths! We loved visiting with you and can't wait to see you again.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crazy about Caroline

It's amazing how fast I have watched my sweet girl grow up. It seems like each new day I see her growing and changing in so many ways. She is such a sweetheart and has such a loving demeanor. She turned 17 months on the 19th of this month- almost 1 1/2. I adore spending each day with her and she is truly my little side kick that I wouldn't want to spend my day without. Couldn't you just cover her with kisses??? Look at this sweet face.

Caroline was busy today...
Reading to her little sister who loves to watch her big sis in action

Making her little sister smile

Explaining to Emily how we use the toys in our playroom

Caroline "helped" me unpack some of our bags today. She made sure she tried each article of clothing on as she pulled them out. She even picked an outfit out for Emily and laid it across her lap. Those clothes will have to continue being unpacked tomorrow...for tonight, they stayed right there!

Caroline is close to using a spoon and fork the right way. It always seems like the hands win when it gets down to the last few bites though. :)

We are home...

We made it back safely from our week long road trip through Georgia. We got back late Monday night and unloaded everything into the living room...and most of it is still sitting here. I can't seem to find motivation to unpack! But I wanted to say that I am going to get a lot of pictures up from this past week, but it will be little while. I didn't really take many with my camera because we had other people snapping away so we could enjoy ourselves. When I get those I will share them. We had a great trip- Rome with my family and grandparents first, Macon with Ben and Sarah, and then Milledgeville with the Hobbs. We got to see SO many of our friends and family at a Sip and See we had for Emily as well as a wedding Brad was in over the weekend. We had a blast and can't believe how fast the week flew by (EXCEPT for the 13 hour trips there and back). We survived our first long road trip and are pretty sure we won't be doing that again anytime TAG!! Georgia friends...YOU'RE IT!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Maybe it's the yellow...

but today I saw my little Caroline and thought she looked a bit like me! Every now and then I'll see a glimpse of me in her...but usually all we hear is that she looks like her daddy. And the mystery of the minamalist hair do is solved...her mommy was a baldy until she got older too.

See if you agree...this is probably about the same age, but my mom may know better how old I was in that picture.

Or it could just be the yellow dresses we have on. Either way, I'm still in love...Caroline is the most beautiful Caroline I know- inside and out!

My sanity in a Target bag

No caption...just see below.

We leave for Georgia on Sunday morning bright and early! I'm not sure just how bright and early but we are planning on hitting the road as soon as we can get ourselves out the door. I have been just a LITTLE stressed out about planning this trip...all the clothes, baby stuff, toiletries, diaper bags, bottles, you get my drift. I think I have been making lists in my mind for 2 weeks now and I'm sure I will forget something- which I KNOW we can always get where ever we are. I used to think packing and traveling with just ourselves was hard...a little harder with Caroline...and now we practically bring a 3 ring circus with us just to run out to the grocery store.
So I have also really been wondering how this long trip with Caroline was going to work- Emily will hopefully sleep majority of the way- big sister is a different story. So I over prepared, over planned, and probably overspent on getting her all kinds of fun things to entertain her in the car. I know that I will be tuckered out from playing "clown" for 15 hours across the USA, but I think we'll have it covered. Snacks included- which my husband is actually the particular one I planned those around. :) I am even OCD enough on this matter to have stayed up until 1:30 a.m. wrapping all those fun things in Sesame Street wrapping paper. Yes. I'm crazy. But hopefully won't be driven crazy on our car ride. I'm pretty sure this is more than we did for her Christmas, birthday and holidays combined.
So if our crew can load it up and get to our destination successfully I will take a deep breath and sigh of relief...until we have to drive home. Then the fun begins again. However stressful the events leading up to the trip have been...WE CAN'T WAIT!! We want to spend every minute we are there just starring at our family and soaking it all in. So get ready Wakefield, Hobbs, Seavers, and Smiths (My grandparents will be at my parents as an added bonus!) The girls + daddy are coming to town!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Fun

Emily is 6 weeks old! It has been amazing how fast time has gone by since we welcomed her home.

At 6 weeks...

is very alert and awake for a lot of the day- a big cat napper

Sleeps well at night (thank you Lord!!) Her longest stretch has been 7.5 hours- but usually 5 hours. mixed with a few 2-3 hour intervals.

She loves to be the car, in our red wagon outside, anywhere. She loves to be held, snuggled, rocked, swayed, any type of movement in any ones arms...dangerous, we know! But we are enjoying every second of it.

She has gorgeous hair! Everyone comments about how much hair she has...still reddish blonde. Amazing since CGH didn't have much hair at all until just recently.

Has started smiling/smirking (although we've yet to catch it on camera)

She smiles extra hard at her daddy

Still isn't crazy about baths but usually enjoys them once she gets settled

Has blue eyes! Dark blue...but beautiful. Where do these children get their traits??

Wears size 1 diapers..about to go up to 1-2's. Wearing 0-3 and some 3 month sleepers- probably weighs about 11 pounds and some change since our last dr appt.

Loves to gaze at us from her bouncy seat, swing or just laying on the bed- a lot more content in them that Caroline ever was

Can lift her head up for a little bit while she lays on her tummy

She can track objects and loves to take in the scenery around her

Has a nice strong her sister. Endurance to match as well.

She likes to stick her tongue out and nibbles her fingers when she's hungry

She has big feet, long fingers and big hands...even though we still keep the famous "mitts" on her hands.

Enjoys "playing" with Caroline- she loves to hear her talk and listens/looks with such curiosity at her big sister who pays her A TON of attention

At 6 weeks she has won our hearts! Precious sums it up.

Here are some pictures from today when we were just playing around inside.

Half of a smile...

These are silly pajamas that make us laugh...thank you Misty for the hand me downs! These were probably John Michael's but we love them on girls in this house! :)

Thanks Nana for the beautiful headband...I wore it just for you!

Going out to dinner and then to small group in style

Silly goose at breakfast...classic face.

One of these videos is of Caroline watching a dvd (random, I know! LOL) of "If you are happy and you know it". She didn't do her best job...but it's a sample of her "moves".

The other video is just of sweet Emily hanging out...what she does best right now.