Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hannah's first haircut

At 2 1/2 Hannah finally experienced her first haircut. She was an angel- the hairdresser said she was by far the best behaved child she had ever cut! Yay Hannah. I saved a few of her precious curls of course.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Wye Mountain Daffodils

Spring has sprung!

Spring is TRYING to get here!! We are eating up every single possible minute we can be playing outside these days. Caroline even made an appearance in the newspaper on the first day of spring:)The girls are really enjoying their bikes-CGH can ride without training wheels now!
We had a fabulous week of vacation at the end of March. Brad and I spent a few days in Huntsville and then joined the girls in Milledgeville with the Hobbs side of our family. We had a blast visiting and also got to celebrate the fact that we found a house in Huntsville...and have it under contract!! Very excited:) more details to come!!! Closing/Moving date is set for June 25th!!

We got to spend some time loving on sweet baby Ryne. I wanted to put his sweet self in the van with the rest of the kiddos and bring him home with us. He is an absolute doll...so well mannered and calm!! He is such a blessing. So happy we will be moving closer so that cousin time will become a norm:)

Valentine boxes

We crafted valentine boxes Friday. Caroline needed one for her preschool class party on Monday- she had very low expectations....just a flying rainbow unicorn. So that's what we did:) Em and H had fun designing their own creations too.

Valentine Fun

We LOVE valentine'a day at our house!! It is a perfect holiday to explain true love to our girls. Unconditional, passionate, and intimate love...that we find in our first love- Jesus:) Brad and I really want to paint a beautiful picture to our girls about what unconditional love and acceptance (and romance from their daddy!) looks like...which will hopefully point them toward The Lord. Brad wants to win their hearts, spoil them, make them feel like a million bucks...just what every single girl in the world ever wants. Hopefully he will be filling and filling and over flowing their love banks in the years to come. He wrote each girl a beautiful letter that I know will be the first of  many in a collection of letters from their daddy who loves them to the moon and back!

Emily turned 4 ...in February!:)

Happy 4th birthday Emily!! We had such a fun, memorable birthday party for you this year at the park. We invited friends to a park for fun and cake- under he impression that rain may possibly be in the forecast. The girls and I arrived early and started setting up - then raindrops. So I packed it all back in the  van and began scurrying for plan B. Then the sprinkles stopped- and I unloaded again and decided we would party as long as we could. We had a Frozen themed birthday party playing and eating at the park for about 45 minutes until the thunder roared and a few sprinkles began.We quickly grabbed the cake (almost dropped it) lit the candle (almost wouldn't light) and sang the fastest happy birthday song ever as a huge boom of thunder came. All the while trying to capture pictures with my phones With the help of some of my best friends (daddy got stuck in a surgery and couldn't make it) we dished out the cake and everyone enjoyed...until surprisingly the sun came out!! Great we thought... but unfortunately it lasted all of 5 minutes and then very large cold HAIL balls began falling from the sky- truly the sky opened up and or frozen theme became even more real. I always deliver in the party department-ha! All the adults grabbed the children and through them in cars for protection...then we sprinted around the park in the hail packing up, cleaning, saving the party items. With the help of the best friends one could ever ask for, we all got everything packed up and back in the van. Possibly the most interesting and quick birthday parties ever. It will go down in my books as a birthday party never to be forgotten...just like Emily's 3rd year of life! Here's to a new year as a FOUR!!!