Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm so excited!!!

Kristina and Camden are coming to Little Rock tomorrow!!! Kristina is my dear friend that lives in Nashville with her resident hubby and little girl Camden (19 months)...and their little pup Bella who may join us this week as well. They are arriving on Tuesday and staying until Friday. I cannot tell you how happy my heart is to have my sweet friend come to hang out!! There is so much I want us to go and do- but most of all I look forward to just laying around being lazy and laughing/catching up. She is pregnant as #2 is due in May. We got to be pregnant the first time around together, and then again this time! I am so thankful that our husbands let us desert them every once in awhile to take a road trip to see one another- I think they know it's good for our souls! I'm sure there will be lots of fun pictures and stories to share after this week.

I go to the doctor on Thursday for my 28 week appointment. I know I have promised belly pictures for a long time and I have finally realized why I have not had any to share- there is never anyone here to take a picture of me! I know Caroline could probably swing it, but she can't stay focused long enough to do maybe Kris will do one this week and I can show you my baby Emily belly.

We still haven't gotten our Christmas tree up....but it's coming...maybe tonight??? Poor Brad has been getting up at 3:30 and working til 7:00ish everyday of the week and is dog tired by the time he gets home, squeezes CGH for a few minutes, eats dinner and then dozes off. It's out of the attic and ready to be assembled. So maybe tonight! Poor Caroline needs to experience a Christmas tree :)

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