Monday, April 25, 2011


Emily is really growing and changing like crazy these days. She is walking all over the place...the cutest thing in the world to watch. Which also means she is in to everything! She loves to say "mama" now but doesn't quite realize that I am the "mama" she is referring to. She has also started to show an extremely fierce "MINE!!" by growling like a tiger if by chance anything is taken from her at anytime. She is very possessive of her toys, books, or snack. She also has realized that when big sister has a snack, it is ONLY fair for her to enjoy the same thing. She has really enjoyed books for awhile now, but she REALLY loves reading! She will go from the living room, to Caroline's bookshelf, to her book baskets, and spend a lot of time looking at her literature. Of course, I think she is solely looking to find Elmo in each and every book, but either way, she is turning pages and enjoying books just like her sister did. A good sign! She is so smiley and happy natured- will give you a giggle anytime of day. She has started trying to "sing" with music or with us when we are singing. It's precious. A lot earlier than Caroline (which her singing is cause enough for a whole blog entry:). She loves using a spoon and I don't mind letting her enjoy the novelty of it...even if it is a bit messy. :)

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