Friday, March 29, 2013

Hannah Boo

Hannah turned 17 months in March.
She loves-
Eating with her fork and spoon
Trying to put her shoes on
Helping clean up toys
Her snack bowl
Her 2 lovies and 1 blanket...they come out of her crib everything she does
Sucking her fingers and twirling her ears
Going up and down stairs
Bath time w Caroline
Playtime with Emily
Very smart
Cracks up at mommies silly faces
Enjoys putting lids/caps on things
She is starting to sing
Loves to wash her hands
Very verbal
Communicates very well
Officially wants everything the bigs have- things must be fair 3 ways now:) she catches on quick when she is treated differently.
Follows directions better than the older 2 girls ;)
Still wants to walk on her own everywhere we go, no more holding/stroller
Mommy loving/seperation anxiety phase
She has clung to her bottle for WAY longer than my other two...but I've officially hidden them although she still requests them
WILD curly hair
Sleeps from 7-7 and naps once from 12-2
Wears size 4 diapers
Size 2t clothes
Size 7 shoes
27 lbs

She's absolute 17 month old perfection!

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