Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hannah Baby turns 2!

Sweet Hannah isn't quite a baby anymore. She is a full fledged talking, running, energetic preschooler. Sweet girl has such a perfect place in our family and such fun relationships with each one of us. She adores her daddy, looks up to Caroline for help and assistance, and loves playing silly with Emily. I am so excited to continue to watch her grow and change into the little girl God has designed her to be. We are so very blessed by this 2 year old.

She is full of energy- exactly like her sisters. She loves her sisters, Elmo (Abby in Wonderland is a fave right now), YoGabbaGabba, swinging, wearing everyones shoes, wearing her sisters swimsuits all day long, playing tickle monster, sucking her 2 fingers...with a finger in the nose sometimes, Sesame look and find books, milk, everykind of fruit and most veggies- but not much meat, dancing with her daddy in the evenings, driving daddys car, and snuggling with her mommy. She really wants to be able to hold up 2 fingers as she tells us she is 2 years old. She is getting there.

Some stats: She is in size 6 diapers- although she is starting to want to potty. We've had a few potty successes, but I'm honestly not ready yet. She wears size 9 shoes, 3T clothes, and is very tall for a 2 year old. We go for her 2 year well child check up next week and we will find out her weight/height percentiles.

We love you sweet baby girl. Crazy how quickly time is flying. No more babies in this house. An odd feeling, but of so sweet. Let the fun continue!!

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