Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Month of pictures

A little glimpse into our past month...
Emily's outfits and wardrobe choices have rocked my world.
Lots of fun days spent playing with friends!
"No napping" catches up with big girls every now and then. 
Caroline was the Super Kid in her preschool class. She was interviewed and shared pictures with the class. Everyone went around and shared compliments about her and then her teacher prayed for her. So special:) I was proud of my super kid. Emily, Hannah and I got to come celebrate with her class and watch her. 

Hannah finally mastered the tricycle...not that a 2 year old should be expected to, but now she can keep up with her sisters!
Birthday parties and cupcakes.
Jackson's birthday party
PiƱata aftermath with friends
Donut dates
Rock Creek Tube playing 
Hannah has a lot more to say and is in conversation with everyone these days.
Just enjoying life!!! I'm feeling very blessed to have 3 happy, healthy beautiful daughters.

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