Monday, June 9, 2014

Hannah June 2014

Before we get extremely busy, which we already seem to be these days, I wanted to do a recap of each of our girls. My blogs have been few and far between the past months, but there is no time like the present to pick up and keep writing:) These are purely for my mommy memoir collection and will most likely bore everyone else.

Sweet Hannah. She's growing like crazy and hitting milestones day in and day out. Life is slowly changing as we no longer cater to the needs of a baby…but have 3 grown girlies to do life with. So here is an update on sweet Hannah…

-she is 2 years 7 months
-wears anywhere from size 4-whatever she finds in her sisters closet (it starts young!!)
-her precious curly locks still make me smile- it has really lightened up and has some strawberry and blonde coming through
-those deep brown eyes captivate me as always
-biggest news for Hannah these days is that we are almost potty trained…except I haven't really been training. She has kind of stumbled into this process by dressing herself in her sisters panties. She has been wearing diapers and panties sporadically until I finally decided to face the challenge head on and make the decision to "cross the line". She now sleeps in diapers, but wear big girl panties all day! Yay Hannah…and she really hasn't had many major accidents…she has caught on very quickly. She's a smart cookie.
-She has been doing very well in her toddler bed. She has discovered she can get out of it herself and has tested the waters a few times…but majority of the time she does just as she is supposed to. She still calls for me in the mornings but after her afternoon nap she gets up herself and lets herself out. She usually walks into the living

room with a huge smile on her face- like she's so proud of herself and her independence. Love her.
-Hannahs personality is such a fun mixture of character traits from both of her older sisters, but also all her own. She is extremely observant, very outspoken, crazy-silly, always trying to get a laugh, extremely coordinated, as well as extremely opinionated. She is in love with her daddy, still cuddles with me, adores her big sisters, and very popular with her friends.

She comes out of mothers day out and church telling me all about who was there, who she played with and a play by play of anyone who was in time out. Her teachers always gloat on her sweet demeanor and say she is "bored" in class and can do everything from helping others with crafts to singing all the songs. I can understand that…considering she is always with older siblings and friends. Her best friend right now is Hope- whom she lovingly calls Hope-E. It helps that Hope is one of 3 sisters that we love to play with. Hannah wants to do her hair like Hope and requires me to do "little pigtails" and sometimes "2 little pigtails". Each night before she lays down in her bed she likes to talk instead of singing most days. She has my full attention and I absolutely could listen to her sweet chatter and extremely thoughtful insight into her world ALL day. She likes to tell me about who she likes, and who she doesn't. I will keep her "not like" list confidential:) She loves to talk and I love to listen. I hope it will always be this easy.

Hannah has always sucked her middle and ring finger. Well….I have decided its time to nip that habit if possible. So we are starting to talk about it more and more. I'm afraid her teeth may start being affected by her constant comfort…so during the day…no fingers. Maybe eventually we will nix the nighttime soothing technique. All in good time. What makes me laugh is how she is verbally processing this habit. She says "Babies suck. Big girls don't suck." Of course she is talking about their FINGERS…but it makes me laugh. She likes to trick me and put her fingers in her mouth and stare at me until I notice and then crack up laughing as she pulls them out. Silly girl.

-She loves riding bikes (with training wheels- she has mostly given up the tricycle), and is currently obsessed with scooters. She and Em fight constantly all throughout the day about scooters. I tried to one up them and surprised them with 2 new scooters one day…of course, one is better than the other and they both prefer the same one. I can't win. Maybe next month I will finally come to grips that all 3 girls need the exact same items so that life can be more peaceful for everyone. Triplets. Its what we've become:)

-She loves pockets and must wear them daily. Pants, jeans especially, are her favorite. She feels the need to carry coins around all day long. I'm pretty sure she must get this habit from her daddy? If no pants are available with pockets, it must be a dress or a jacket. That is her only requirement for her clothes these days. She also prefers to wear her "tiny flip flops" which are truly too tiny for her big feet, and the same sparkling converse tennis shoes she has been wearing for almost a year…which means a) they started out war to big for her or b) she is squeezing her feet into too tiny tennis shoes as well. Who knows. She has been seen wearing these to church on Sunday mornings, to the pool- everywhere. Of course they are shoes that must be tied, so they aren't' my favorite. I will probably be looking for a replacement soon.

-Hannah is still a very picky eater and her choice of foods is very boring and typical. Yogurt (vanilla), apple sauce, strawberries, bananas, grapes, chicken nuggets (but only a few kinds), french fries, green beans, carrots (she will eat a huge bowl of cooked carrots!), certain kinds of sausage, pizza, hot dogs, apple cinnamon oatmeal, and that's about it. She has just started eating turkey- but I have to call it chicken. I cannot wait until she will just eat a sandwich like the big girls and call it a meal! She is probably the most healthy out of all of us though. She still LOVES her "milk milk" and drinks it all day long.

-She loves to play blocks, throw balls, and watch and help me cook. She really enjoys drawing/writing and mimics recording letters and names all the time. She watches Caroline and follows her lead. She has started "reading" to herself and I hear her tell stories to herself every now and then. She loves reading THE SAME books every night at bedtime…which is totally typical but also completely boring to me. Busy Bunny, Elmo Seek and Find, and a silly flip book about matching items with their owners are our current faves. She also loves watching the same dvds day in and day out. That is a 2 year old for you.

Dear sweet 2 year old Hannah, we love you to the moon and back! You delight me with your smile, silly style, and precious affectionate side. You are one loved on little girl. I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that you are closer to 3 now than you are 2. Before we know it we will be in a whole new atmosphere, a new normal, and I have no doubt you will adjust seamlessly. I can't wait to see how you blossom and bloom in the next years to come. We are your biggest fans and will be forever.

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