Thursday, July 3, 2014

First Days in Huntsville

We are finally getting settled in. Everyone is enjoying our new house and we are unpacking boxes as quick as we can. We are enjoying the added space and especially our multiple bathrooms!! They girls are adjusting well to being in a new place and we ventured out to find some fun in the midst of our mess at home:) 
Our first stop was Big Springs Park downtown- beautiful park with a large lake, tons of ducks, geese,birds, and fish. The girls had a blast...the ducks and geese were a little aggressive for my liking.
We also went and played at a city splash pad one afternoon- it was terribly hot and we needed something to cool us off!
We went out for ice cream, visited a pool, and even attended our first birthday party. 
We have met some very sweet friends that have children our girls age and we have hit it off right away. I'm thankful that we have some friends here to get involved with. 
The birthday party was for Caroline's first friend- Ryland who turned 5. His little sister Elle is 3 and is precious as can be. They go to the church we have been visiting and will be in preschool classes together. So thankful for new friends. 
We are really loving Huntsville so far:) 

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