Monday, September 28, 2009

Videos- pictures to come soon :)

We are back from our fabulous week of vacation in Hilton Head. It was a little bittersweet to leave but I know we will enjoy getting back into the "routine" and hopefully find a "normal" pretty soon.

Caroline did better than we could have imagined on this trip. No outbursts on the airplane rides, she allowed us to have dinner out at noisy restaurants each night (she ENJOYED her food as well), she played in the pool, at the beach, and relaxed inside when it got too hot. She was perfect!! I am so blessed to have such a sweet, loving little girl. She enjoyed getting to love on the Hobbs side of the family and she was giving kisses and sugar away right and left!! I enjoyed some time "off" while helping hands took care of her. It was wonderful.

As most of you know our little Caroline made some major milestones while we were away. She is walking!!! She is talking (da da da, ga ga ga, pa pa pa, and jibber jabber of the like)!!! She has waved bye bye a few times, and she can go and get you a few of the toys that we ask for- duck, book, baby, etc. It's amazing to see her growing and blossoming into a toddler right before our very eyes!


  1. She's adorable!! What fun. I know she is loving moving around on her own:) Hugs and kisses from Grammie!

  2. oh sweet caroline!!!! can't wait to see her walking in person!!! loved loved loved these videos!!!

  3. Love the videos of her walking! Our TIffany walked just before she turned 10 months! Watch out world, here comes Caroline! I can't believe my baby could be doing that in just 5 months from now. Man, time flies doesn't it. A LOT happens in a year in a baby's life! (and in their parents' lives too!)
    Love & Hugs to you all!