Tuesday, September 29, 2009

First Beach Day!!

Here are some pictures from our first adventure to the beach. She loved it- we knew she would. I will say it is tough to take a little tot to the beach on your own, but with a swarm of family around, it seems a lot easier! We learned a few beach lessons- lots of sunscreen, lots of bottled water to wash off passy's and mouths with, sand can get EVERYWHERE and it will all be ok, dogs on the beach steal the show every time! I must say I was a bit paranoid when she was near the water but that probably stems from my own fear of the ocean! Daddy is dreaming of the day when Caroline will be big enough to go and jump/ride the waves with him and uncle Ben. We would probably get the record for the "whitest" family on the beach that day- we haven't seen sun in forever! But, as long as everyone had their sunglasses on, they were safe from our radiating white glow. :)
Niki has a lot more pictures from our vacation that I will try to get sometime soon. Until then, enjoy these pictures of our sweet little beach babe! Building Sandcastles with Papa Ron
First taste of sand- yuck!! But she would try it again later on in the week...several times!

Hmmm...this sand feels so good on my skin! Natural exfoliate!

Caroline meets little 3 month old Colton James- we'll call him cousin- but he is Brad's cousin's little boy. Precious!! He experienced the beach in his sleep.

She loved the water but was a little bit skittish- she wanted to be by our side or in our arms.

Beach Baby!


  1. I love this Tessa :) Caroline is so big. And that bathing suit. Adorable! Miss you guys!

  2. laughing out loud at the 'glowing' Hobbs family!! If the Spires' would have been there, you would have had stiff competition! :) Miss ya'll! Love sweet caroline's suit!!

  3. those are so cute. Caroline is a little diva in that swim suit!!!