Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Tonight I have a few minutes to sit at the computer because Brad's on call and sweet Caroline is sleeping like an angel. I have a MILLION things I need to be doing- cleaning up the house being #1, but they can wait until tomorrow...which they always do! I don't have any amazing news to share, but just wanted to catch up up to date on what we're doing these days.

As we are preparing for our QUICK trip to Georgia this weekend I can't seem to stop getting all sentimental and sappy thinking about my precious girl turning ONE! I know we all "can't believe it" but every mother out there knows there is something so bittersweet about watching their baby grow up. I've only experienced one glorious year of it and I can't help but wonder if it ever gets easier to see your baby grow into something new, something bigger, something even more amazing. Tears well up in my eyes thinking about how much I love my sweet little silly goose- it's like my love for her just literally pours out of me! I have found myself wanting her to KNOW how much I love her each day- but with little communication I have had to settle with the idea that she knows how much I love her in the simple things I do for her each day-

the way I make and share each meal with her,

the way I read her the same book 15 times in a row,

the way I tickle her under the arms,

the way I pick her up and comfort her when she falls down,

the way I snuggle her to sleep during nap time and bedtime,

the way I always find energy for one more game of peek a boo or where is your belly button,

the way I wash her clothes,

the way I change her diaper 100 times a day,

the way I sing songs to calm her down,

the way I tell her Jesus loves her.

There is nothing more amazing than getting to spend each day, each minute, each second with my little love. I love getting to see her grow and learn new things every day. I could write a book about all we do each day- and it would not be as sweet to anyone else but me because I know her so well. I guess the tears come simply because I want it to be like that forever- to always know her and get to love her all day long. I am so blessed to have her as my daughter and I often don't feel like I am good enough for her. I am 100% sure that God has a plan for us- each day we wake up from 6:30 a.m. until she is off to bed each night. I want to be the parent that God wants me to be each and every day that I am given the privilege. Sometimes I lose my patience or get irritated and it takes me a few minutes to through those little "hot spots" and sometimes I feel guilty afterwards, like those were wasted minutes that I should have been admiring her. But I am simply reminded by how crazy I must make my heavenly father sometimes...but He doesn't get mad at me- He loves me relentlessly. And to know that God loves me like I love my sweet little Caroline. All I want Caroline to know sometimes is HOW MUCH I love her, which is also God's message to His children. Motherhood has been an exciting, twisty, confusing, road- but the word that I would use to describe it the most would be AMAZING. All the bad disappears each day, all the stress and sleepiness disappears, all the things on the never ending "to-do list" get forgotten, when I fall asleep thinking about her sweet little self. And to think....we get ANOTHER precious little girl to experience this love with in March!! I am overwhelmed with how much God has entrusted to us....thank you Lord!


I wanted to share this breakfast idea with my fellow lady friends and especially my doctor's wife friends. I was starting to feel a little guilty about not providing healthy meals for my sweet hard working hubby. Since my husband has been working like a dog during this rotation he has not gotten to eat lunch on the majority of his days. He gets to work at 5 a.m. and doesn't get home until after 7- that's if he isn't spending the night there. So that means that his breakfast is the fuel that keeps him going through out the day. Well....my love was eating a pop tart and maybe a granola bar with a cup of coffee each morning. As yummy as those snacks are and as easy as they are to grab and run out the door- they weren't offering a whole lot of nutritious value or stamina. So I came up with this quick breakfast one morning- which I prepared several for him to eat through out the next few days.

Easy Breakfast Burritos

Sausage patties- we buy a box of like 30 of the frozen kind and keep them in the freezer


Green and Red Peppers, Onions- you can get a mixed bag of these already cut up in the frozen section



I cook the eggs in their own pan- scrambling them. In another skillet, which happens to be a cast iron one that my hubby is obsessed with, I cook the sausage and peppers/onions. Chop of the sausage while it's cooking. Once they are both cooked, put the eggs in the sausage skillet and let them cook together. Put the mixture onto a tortilla that is sprinkled with cheese. Wrap them up in tortilla and wrap the burrito in foil.

*I also keep some out by itself so that Caroline can eat a little of it for breakfast too. She loves it!

Then all Brad has to do is grab one burrito out of the fridge, microwave it for a minute, and eat it on the way to work. I'm not saying it's the most NUTRITIOUS meal of all time, but it has protein and some veggies- both good things. :) I only keep the mixture for 2 days...then it's time to make a new batch if we want it.

Just an idea...not a novelty at all. I know I'm always envious of new ideas....so share with me!

And that's the end of my random blog. Goodnight! :)


  1. Beautiful blog...made me crying thinking I only have 2 months until I am where you are...approaching the 1year mark. I'm already emotional about it...can't imagine what I'll be like on the day! It'll be worse than turning 30 hahaha.
    And I love the breakfast idea!!!

  2. you wrote this beautifully!!!! What a blessing it is for us to be at home with our sweet little girls. Thanks for the reminder to think before i complain about how tired i am or how i just want a little break and for someone else to make all the noises in Mr Brown Can Moo Can You and see if Camden can make them back.....I will now spend those moments not wishing one second away with her....bc when she is 16, etc., my time with her will be so limited compared to now! I've not even thought about that until reading this!

  3. I can tell you are so in love with loving your little one God has entrusted to YOU! Many blessings on her next coming year of life! And have a great time in GA for her 1st birthday. You think it's amazing now just loving one little one and being their parent, imagine having so much in your heart for 5 little (& some already not so little anymore!) ones. It's more than amazing.
    God is good and He's so blessed you, Tessa!

    Great breakfast idea....we love breakfast "tacos" as my kids call them. They go quite fast around here!

    Happy Birthday, Caroline!