Monday, November 2, 2009

A bit of everything

My sweet friend Paige met us and had lunch in Atlanta Friday afternoon. She has an adorable 4 month old- Braelinn. He was a doll!! We were so glad we got to visit with them and meet Braelinn for the first time.
Little Charlie snoozing away...he is such a good sleeper right now!!

Caroline is meeting her cousin Charlie for the first time. She LOVED him. She wanted to grab him and touch him the whole time we were there. She knew that he slept in his bassinet and continually ran up to it trying to pull herself up to look inside. We are definately working on the word "GENTLE" and hopefully will make leaps and bounds of progress before her little sister arrives.

She loved watching the baby- except for when he cried. She broke down in crocodile tears every time Charlie made a peep. She is very sympathetic. :) Again, we have a lot to work on before we bring our 2nd little one home.

Ok, so this is all out of order and randomly placed pictures. It's late, I'm tired, but I wanted to attempt a blog. :) You are all smart- you'll figure it out.

We have made some sweet friends that we enjoy weekly playdates at Chick Fil A with. Rachel and her sweet little Mary Ellen have just moved back to Little Rock. We met at a library playtime and have gotten together each week since. Unfortunately library time falls right in the middle of naptime, so we haven't made it in awhile. We'll see how little love does this week- we love the interaction! Caroline is contemplating how to get up these day soon I think she'll attempt after watching the big kids do it over and over.

Mary Ellen is about 17 months old- perfect little friend for Caroline to follow in her footsteps.

Enjoying girl time at lunch

Random picture of Caroline on the way to the park. She loves her Elmo sweatshirt!

Hayride and glowsticks! She eventually tossed one of them over the side...

Trying to chill in the car before the festivities

Strutting her stuff

Miss Peacock

We are finally back home in Little Rock after an amazing time in Atlanta. We are glad to be home with daddy and in our "normal" surroundings...but we miss our family already! Good thing we have a birthday party right around the corner!! :)

Here are some pictures from Caroline's first Halloween. She was very tired that evening since we had just gotten off an airplane and traveled all day. We almost didn't make it out, but we ended up going out to a fall festival at a friends barn/house/land. They had all kinds of fun things set up...mostly for kids a bit older than Caroline but we still enjoyed. We had hot dogs, took a hayride, chased other children around, and enjoyed a bonfire. I got to meet a lot of the couples that Brad had met the following week while I was gone. Our little peacock was precious...she walked around strutting her feathers like she was the center of the world! She was out WAY past her bedtime, but she did amazing. The only major catastrophe was a busted lip and scraped up face that she got when we got home and enjoyed a few minutes at our neighbors party. She was a champ though and didn't seem to mind once we got the boo boo bunny and apple juice for her. All in all it was a fun night!

Finally, on another random note- we joined The Summitt Church. We are very excited about being a part of their church family and getting plugged in with small groups, serving opportunities, and outreach. The church is on fire for the Lord and has such a heart for helping others and mission opportunities. Thank you Lord for leading us to a new church home!
The End :)


  1. What sweet pics, and I love the peacock. I am also excited to hear that y'all found a church that you like. I know that is something that you have been looking for.

  2. The cutest peacock ever!! Great pictures. Wish we could have seen her strut her stuff:) We loved being with you for Charlie's arrival. We are looking forward to celebrating sweet girl's 1st birthday!!