Saturday, March 27, 2010

Carolines First Easter Egg Hunt

We had a great week just the 4 of us. We went to small group on Tuesday night, had a play date on Wednesday, and I conquered my first trip out with both the girls on Friday to Babies R Us. They were both fabulous- Emily slept the whole time and Caroline enjoyed a lot of bribery with snacks. Today we had our first Easter Egg Hunt at the park in our neighborhood. Mary Ellen and her family joined us. Caroline and I had a "trial run" with the egg hunting on Friday afternoon in our front yard. She did so well that she was a little tired of it today when the big event arrived. :) We got to relax at home with daddy all weekend and even go out to Mexican for dinner. It's been great. Tomorrow we will all head to church together and hopefully enjoy our day. Brad got out the lawn mower and cut our grass for the first time and it officially smells like spring! We are so excited. Caroline and I sat at our window and watched Brad go around and around with the lawn mower for atleast 30 minutes while Emily slept in the swing next to us (amazing to me since CGH never would! Emily also took a passy today for the first time! Yahoo!)
Here are some pictures of our own hunt and then the big hunt today. I am attempting to get the videos uploaded but forgive me if it doesn't happen tonight. They will be up soon. In our front yard

The 3 Amigas before the big Egg Hunt

They arrived in style...zebra snuggie and all. It was chilly at the beginning but soon warmed up. Perfect spring weather.

They had to wait until the "Egg Official" said they could begin their hunt so we had them strapped in the wagon until the clock struck 10:00 a.m. They didn't love that.

She actually looked at the smile, but hey, we're getting closer.

Emily was dreaming of prize-filled eggs.

So many eggs...she was very particular about which ones she chose to pick up. She was a bit tired (no morning nap) and was not as eager as I thought she would be. She only filled her basket about half full. If only she knew at the beginning that they all had candy in them because once she figured that out she and Mary Ellen enjoyed A LOT of sugary treats.

She gave up on the hunting and decided to play instead.

We met a lot of new friends and families at the park this morning and look forward to some fun playdates ahead. We continue to LOVE our neighborhood and enjoy being out and about in this fabulous weather. We have another Easter Egg Hunt on Wednesday with Rachel and Mary Ellen's MOPS group. She has been attempting to color some Easter pictures for family and friends but I must say that coloring is not her favorite thing right now- she "acts" like she is coloring, but doesn't actually put the crayons on the paper. Stickers...that's where it is at right now. Coloring will come with time I'm sure.

In other news...Emily goes to the doctor on Tuesday for her 1 month appointment. Brad starts his ER rotation in April...which is shift work. He will be "on" about 4 nights, then off a few days, "on" a few days, then off a few and so on. Should be interesting. Most wives enjoy this rotation I think. We'll see. This month has been a breeze, I know we'll miss him next month.


  1. She is too cute! Matt and I "lol"d at the last video when she was just over it and kept walking with tons of eggs all around her :) hehe

  2. i've got to send camden to an egg hunt!! this was so fun to read and fav was video #2 where she dumps the eggs back out....that is soo my child's personality....well, that, or she will go and steal eggs out of someone else's basket....i'll keep you posted! :)