Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sweet moments from this week...and one that is not so sweet.

This has been such a special week for me as a new mother of 2. I have had so many moments that have taken my breath away and pictures taken in my mind that I want to save forever. Here are just a few of those sweet times...

Watching sweet Emily sleep in my arms...she didn't know it but she made the "I love you" sign language sign with her tiny hand. Priceless.

Catching those quick "sleepy smiles" that new babies make...and seeing my husband experience one. It was so sweet to see his excitement and to see him so enthralled with our daughter. He tried to catch one on his camera phone...but those moments are so rare, he didn't succeed. :)

Seeing Caroline grow to love and desire to be with Emily...she wants to touch and hold her at breakfast first thing in the morning when I come into the kitchen with her. She runs to her when she makes even one single little peep to check on her. She stands on her tippy toes and peeks into her little sisters cradle just to make sure she is there. She giggles when we get her out.

Experiencing Caroline wanting to be a "big sister"...she tried to reach down and pick Emily up out of her moses basket like she sees mommy do. She was not able to of course, but you could see her following our footsteps and attempting to take care of Emily as we do. She settled for kisses and cuddles instead. Emily loves it I know...she never complains at least.

Getting Caroline and Emily and snuggling in bed together as a family of 4 each morning.

Looking at Caroline and seeing such a grown up little girl! It's like having a new baby has changed the way I see her. She is doing and saying and learning SO much just with in the last few weeks. It has blown my mind. She is absolutely beautiful and I fall in love with her. I guess that's what giving a little bit of my time away to another child does...makes me more appreciative of each moment spent with the other. I have found myself just starring, so smitten with her as she dances, tries to talk, dresses up in sunglasses, laughs at things, and snuggles with me.

Seeing Emily take in the world around her for the first time. Nothing like seeing a newborn gaze so intently on regular, everyday things around the house. The amazing sense of wonder they have.

Hearing Carolines pitter patter of little feet as she runs anxiously through out the house in her new green jelly shoes that Grammy bought for her. Even if daddy put them on her with tall white socks. :) She kind of started tap dancing in them.

Feeling so in love with my husband. He does so much for our family and I am so grateful. I can envision so much fun for our family in the least once residency is over! :) JK...even during these next 4.5 years.

Feeling so loved by my Lord....for blessing me with such an amazing family. Never in a million years would I imagine how amazing it feels to be a mother. To be a wife. To be part of a family and extended family that loves so deeply. I am so thankful.

And now for one NOT SO SWEET moment that needs to go down in the books. NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART...FAIR WARNING.

Caroline crossed another monumental milestone that I had heard about, but never really thought would be part of her history as a toddler. After a long afternoon of playing outside in the beautiful sunshine with Nana they came in for a nap. She had on blue jeans, so we just took them off and thought she could nap in her shirt. Well...I must admit, my mommy instinct hesitated for a few split seconds thinking "what if she pulls her diaper off?" but I quickly decided she was so tired and she has never done that before, so she will be fine. Hahahhaa. Even as I laid her down in her crib contemplated throwing on a pair of jogging pants but didn't. Guess the Lord was trying to warn me...

She sometimes doesn't sleep her whole nap time and plays in her crib- talking, playing with her stuffed animals, etc. So it wasn't to odd that she wasn't sleeping. After about an hour and a half I sat and talked to Nana about how weird that she hadn't fallen asleep. Oh well. Then the thought crossed my mind and I shared my revelation about her taking her diaper off since she didn't have any pants on. We again thought, no way. Brad came home and walked by her room and said he smelled something "foul" aka poop coming from her room. Oh surely not.

After a loud cry I sent Nana to get her up from her nap. Sorry Nana, I apologize for that now after the catastrophe is over. I hear some commotion...and Brad runs into the living room where I was and screams "It's true! It's true!" Caroline had discovered that she could in fact take off her diaper...and decorate her crib and herself with its contents. EWWWW!!!! Not to mention that she had devoured a piece of corn on the cob the night before for dinner that we laughed about seeing again...we just didn't realize how MUCH of it we would be seeing! AGHHHH!!! Caroline was crying from every one's reaction I guess so I rushed in, grabbed her up, poo and all (while Brad reminded me several times- "she's putting poo in your hair!!") and took her straight to the bath. Bless Nana and Daddy's hearts...they did the aftermath clean up while I bathed sweet girl.

3 Lessons learned...
1)Put baby to bed with pants on...better yet, zipped up pajamas from the neck.
2)If baby plays for TO long w/o falling asleep- check on her. Mischief may be in the making.
3)Take my dad's advice if it happens again and bring out the duct tape.

Told you it wasn't so "sweet". But she is still my sweetie!


  1. Oh My! There has to be something to bring you out of the sweet moments! I am just thinking, I am so glad that ME had pants on the day this week that she didn't sleep and talked for an hour and a half.

  2. LOVE the sweet picture of your two girls...such a precious, precious family! Missing you all and looking forward to meeting sweet Emily in person in the months to come.

  3. Tessa, Emily is a doll! And oh, those first few days are the best. Reading your post brought back sweet memories for me. Take care of yourself!

  4. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs, especially this one! We went through the same thing about 2 months ago but Zia sleeps in a toddler bed so she was out of her bed grinding it into the carpet. Makes me laugh thinking about it now, but let's just say I understand about the not so sweet moments :) I know you are enjoying your girls, the pictures are adorable. Take care