Monday, August 2, 2010

5 and 20

Where to begin??? It's been a great couple of weeks with visits from grandparents from both sides of our family. Thank you so much for taking time from your busy weeks and coming to see us. Our hearts were filled up to the brim...and hopefully it will last us until we see you again! Niki was amazing and took some great pictures while the Hobbs were around, but wouldn't you know that my parents were here and we didn't think to pick up the camera ONE time!?! I guess we were to busy playing to think of it. time Grammie and Grandpa....get the camera ready!

The Hobbs helped us get our back porch cleaned up, decorated, and fixed up beautifully so that we could use it as a "hang out" spot. It is SO hot right now, but I cannot wait until the weather simmers down a little bit and we can enjoy being out there for hours. They also bought Caroline and Emily their first little picnic table! Caroline was so excited and we have used it everyday- for games, snack, or just hanging out. The Wakefields came in and helped save the day as I got ready to host an ENT resident dinner on Wednesday night. I prepared all day long for their journal club meeting that night and mom and dad were angels helping me get the house ready, the girls occupied and taken care of. I could NOT have done it without their help. Thank you for an amazing week- full of help with the girls, help cleaning, and dates with my husband (YES- I think we went out a whopping 3x while they were here to keep the girls. It was MUCH needed and so much fun...who knew dating your husband would be so FUN! JK. I knew, I just miss it desperately!

On a totally random note- here are some things I want to document before I forget them!
-Emily got her first tooth! We noticed it on Aug. 1st. She is about a month behind where Caroline was, but boy when Caroline got one, the rest followed quickly. We'll see if Emily follows suit.
-Emily tasted her first solids- rice cereal, last night for dinner. She had been watching and grabbing for our food as we ate and seemed to be passionately pursuing something yummy to put in her mouth, so we went ahead and started her on it. For now, just at dinner. Soon, 3x a day!
-Caroline is doing amazing at the potty! I'm not pushing it AT ALL...but I try to offer for her to use it whenever I think about it and she always takes me up on it and is successful. She is so smart and taking off with it on her own. So proud of her. We've invested in some pull-ups to make the transitions easier...we'll see how it goes! Cross your fingers...or your legs ;)
-I am sure I'm forgetting something...but nap time is ticking away.
So....on to the pictures! :)

Niki, our fabulous Aunt, friend, and photographer captured some precious moments of our little girls- Emily 5 months and Caroline 20 months, hence the title of the blog. :)

Best friends already

I can only begin to imagine the secrets that will be told between the 2 of them

OK, so the first pics of Emily with a bow are credited to her sister. Caroline insisted that Emily have a bow as well. I am well aware that Emily has lost her hair somewhere this past month, but we obliged Caroline and threw a bow on her head.

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