Monday, August 16, 2010

Catch Up

I finally got some pictures up and have a few new keep scrolling down for the newest ones. Here are some random pictures from a few weeks ago and some from this weekend.

We got bored as can be hanging out inside every day bc it is so hot so we made and Elmo cake one day out of things we already had in our pantry. Turned out pretty good I think...Caroline loved it and that's what mattered most!

Bows, Boas, and Bling earrings have taken center stage!

Enjoying Elmo with Daddy

This next video is a prime example of the moves Caroline shows off to me daily. It takes her awhile to get going, but when she does....there is no stopping her! This was during the Hobbs last visit to LR. Poor Caroline- she has no one that pays her any attention. ;) Watch and see.

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