Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Bloggers, do you remember me?

It has been forever and I feel so out of the loop with our blog. I have been without a computer for over a week now and it is not fun. So if you miss hearing from me, blame it on the computer. Things have been going at such a fast pace here I have to catch my breath every now and then and attempt to reflect on what the last week was all about! Somewhere in the past few weeks I had a birthday (the big 29!), Emily started eating real baby food, the weather has started to cool down from inferno to boiler, and the biggest one...we have been getting ready to go on vacation with the Hobbs to Hilton Head, SC. We leave on Saturday and won't return until the next Saturday. We can't wait and have been packing and planning for what feels like forever. While this will be another gap in our will most definitely lead to a lot of pictures of our sweeties on the beach. I have not downloaded any pics because of the computer problem, so soon we will have some visuals of our cuties. That was not much of an update, but it works.

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