Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emily is 1/2 a year old!

Preface- no pictures on this post. Our computer has crashed and been out of commision so I am using our sweet friend Adam's computer for this post. (Adam is staying with us the month of Sept. while he does an away rotation here at UAMS. He is a 4th year med student from Mercer and we are great friends with he and his wife and their new baby girl Kathryn)

Emily is now 6 months old. We had her doctors appointment on Monday and she was a perfect patient. She weighs 18 lb 14 oz which has her in the 90-95%, she is 26 1/2 inches long which puts her at 75% for heighth, and her head was 50%. A perfect, healthy little girl! She had to get 3 shots and was a sweetie during them- only fussed for a few seconds afterwards. Caroline joined us on this appointment and watched while "sissy" got checked out. I was hoping it would be a good encouragement for Caroline to see Emily so calm and collected at the doctor bc Caroline has not enjoyed her past few visits. Before we went I told Caroline that Emily was going to get some shots and she might cry. Caroline DID NOT like that. She was upset and I think was more hurt by it than Emily. She is so protective of her little sister. I love it! One last thing about big sister, then back to Emily, but after the doctor appointment adventure I asked her a few questions at dinner about her day. She has yet to really "recall" any information for me verbally, but she did that day. I asked her what we did that day, who we saw, what happened to Emily and so on. She responded on her own- "doctor" "nurse" "shot" "ahhhh (this was her mimicking the doctor looking in Emily's mouth)" I was floored. She is so smart and blows me away everyday by her new vocabulary and ability to communicate.
Ok, back to my sweet little 1/2 year old! She is absolutely a joy to be around- usually all smiles and giggles and totally laid back (unless mommy leaves the room!). She has been eating rice cereal and enjoys getting as messy as can be. We now give it to her at all 3 meals (after she nurses) and I have noticed her full tummy has helped her sleep better! Praise the Lord!! 6 months may be her magic month. We have let her cry it out for the past few nights and she has now given us 2 nights of perfect sleep! She will sleep from 7:30-3:30/4:00 and then go back to sleep until 7:00. Oh how I look forward to learning how to sleep again myself!!! She is sitting all by herself and loves to dig through boxes of toys to see what peaks her interest. She LOVES being outside and I am so thankful the weather is starting to cool off a tad so that we can go out. She is mesmerized by Brad and spends a lot of time just starring at him when he is home, taking him all in! It's so sweet. She loves to watch Caroline and now gets to take part in some fun wrestling with Caroline every now and then. Emily just giggles when Caroline is around. So much fun to watch. She is wearing 12 month and some 18 month clothes. She is in size 4 diapers. We will have to try some shoes on her this fall to see how big her feet are, but she has yet to put on a pair of shoes during the summer. She has large feet like everyone else in the family though. :)
She is simply perfect and I fall more and more in love with her sweet little self every day. Who knew so much LOVE could come out of one mommy. I am so proud of my girls and feel SO incredibly blessed to have been given the opportunity to love, nurture, and train them to love the Lord.

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  1. Happy 1/2 birthday sweet Emily! You are a blessing to us all:-) Love, Gram