Thursday, July 21, 2011


It has been such a joy for Brad and I to pick the names of each of our precious little girls. Each one has their own special meaning and is unique to who they are. Caroline Grace, Emily Anne, and now we are happy to announce baby girl #3...

Hannah Elizabeth!

Hannah is Hebrew in origin and it means favored by God. We could not ask for anything more than that for her sweet little life. I have spent a lot of time reading the story of Hannah in the Bible- she was the mother of Samuel (and 5 others) and has an amazing story you can read about in 1 Samuel. It is our prayer that she will grow up to know the Lord and will in fact lead a life that is favored by God.

Elizabeth means the oath or fullness of God, God's promise, or God of plenty. We hope that Hannah Elizabeth will in fact see all the ways that God does fulfill his promises and that she sees her days full of God's blessings.

And of course...what could be cuter than thinking about her kindergarten teacher calling her name: Hannah Hobbs :) We have considered Hannah from the very start with our first pregnancy, so it only seems right that we finally got to use it. So, the Hobbs girls, in alphabetical order will be Caroline, Emily, and Hannah.

Baby Hannah-You are SO loved and cherished already at just 26 weeks! Caroline notices how you are growing and gets very excited about how you will soon join our family...she has big plans for her baby sister! Not a day goes by that we don't think about your addition to our family and how we are blessed beyond belief with such sweet, beautiful, little girls. We can't wait to meet you in October.

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  1. so cute! i can't believe you're 26 weeks! holy cow!!! i love hannah hobbs :) hehe it fits in perfectly with her older sisters' names too :)