Sunday, July 10, 2011

Purple Cow

We had a great weekend FREE of the stomach bug! My parents came to the rescue Friday night to allow me to fully recoup on Saturday. We had a fun afternoon today visiting a pet store, Barnes and Noble, and then a routine treat for ice cream at The Purple Cow. Caroline downed a HUGE ice cream sundae in record time and Emily counted sugar packets until her heart was content ( she isn't as big of an ice cream fan as her sister yet). Here are a few pics from our fun afternoon:)

Yesterday Gram and Grandpa took the girls to Chuck E Cheese and Toys R Us to get a few new toys...since we are in dier need of toys in this house. CGH got her long coveted vacuum cleaner and Emily got a shopping cart. Many, many minutes have been spent already with these new toys. CGH quickly discovered that vacuuming with a baby in arms is tough- so we solved the problem like any good mommy:)

In the Chuck E bus...

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  1. so precious! we need to see more of hobb girl baby #3!!! :) any names yet?

  2. love cgh's baby wrap carrier!! just like her mama!