Sunday, February 26, 2012

Emily is 2!!

Oh my goodness. Words cannot say how crazy it is to think about the fact that sweet little Emily is 2 years old!! It seems like only yesterday we welcomed her into our family and into our hearts forever. We have had a busy few weeks but got to celebrate with a fantastic party on Saturday and then all day today as a family. A little bit about my 2 year old sweetie...
-She giggles non-stop
-She has the most endearing smile
-She loves books, pretend cooking, and conversating
-She is usuing a lot of 2 word phrases and is naming EVERYTHING. She loves to walk around the house and ask "What's that? What's this?" I know her speech is rapidly developing before our very eyes. I'm going to cherish her jibber jabber as much as I can. Her little voice is so soft and sweet...until something sets her off...and then the 2 year old temper sets in.
-She loves her sisters and always asks where they are
-She loves cows, farm animals in general really, Baby Eintstein and The Wiggles.
-She loves to try on shoes
-She enjoys being silly and making anyone who will watch laugh
-She wants to be held a lot lately...she will say "Hold you!" just like big sis used to.
-She is a little shy when it comes to strangers...she will turn away from anyone that isn't familiar and hide her face. It doesn't take long for her to warm up though.
-She has started giving Caroline a run for her money- no more giving in to big sis all the time...she is standing her ground much more:)
-She will happily repeat any word, phrase, or song to you (whether it is recognizable is debatable)
-She enjoys playing "solo" in the midst of a crowd, but at home is happy tandem her big sister
-She has a silly giggle right now- a quiet, low giggle
-She likes to talk about the potty and we have pulled out the training one...but no success to speak of yet. I'm in NO rush. Whenever she is ready, we'll climb that mountain.
-We go to the doctor for her 2 year visit tomorrow morning and will find out her stats. She is wearing size 6 diapers, size 8 shoes, and 2t-3t clothes.
-She always makes sure she has her green teddy bear lovey with her at all times and would choose to keep her passy...but I have been slowly keeping it away and now that she is 2 it will stay in her bed for use only during naps and bedtime. Hope that transition goes well!

She is such a JOY to have in our family. I am so blessed to have my 3 girls...and I am constantly amazed at how quickly time is flying. My sweet middle is already 2!! She has a special place in my heart as a middle child because I am a middle child myself. I can't wait to see her grow, develop, and learn so much in the year ahead of her. 2 is a magical age- full of crazy tantrums and battles of willpower...but full of sweet innocence and exploration of the world around them.

Em- we love you with all of our hearts. You make us smile and giggle almost every minute of the day. You are so stinking cute with your ringlet curls and big beautiful eyes. I am so helplessly in love with your little self, I can't imagine how much more my love will grow for you this next year. I'm so proud to call you MINE. Thank you Lord for giving me my sweet Emily to love and be loved by and to teach and be taught by. I'm so blessed.

PS- pictures to come SOON...but sleep is somehow higher on the list of things to do at this moment in time;)

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