Saturday, May 26, 2012


It has been forever. our computer is not working so I have not been blogging as faithfully. I'm finger typing this entry on our it will be short. But I wanted to record (for my own records) some milestones in the girls lives. 6 months was a big month for sweet Hannah! -she started sitting up and now sits very well unsupported -she started eating solids- doesn't love them yet but it is growing on her- green beans are her favorite yuck! -she gave up the passy and now prefers her fingers/hands because... -she got her first 2 teeth- the bottom center ones -she started babbling real consonant sounds and shares her excitement and opinion about everything - she is the happiest, giggliest baby ever- Caroline just has to look at her and she cracks up and so after all of those big events she is now one day past 7 months! This is going by too quickly! Emily is the most beautiful 2 year old and is blossoming so much every single day. She talks a lot- but it takes some interpretation. Emily and Caroline are playing so well together now- it blesses my heart! She wants to use the potty all the time now so we've been letting her- but I don't think we are REALLY ready yet- or maybe it's just ME who isn't ready! 2 little ones in public restrooms gets tricky fast;) She is as loud and outgoing as can be at home- but has really shown the introverted side lately around anyone else. she is very quiet and shy as soon as we step outside our front door. she is obsessed with a new electric Barbie jeep that some friends slet us inherit. she lives, eats, dreams about sitting in that jeep all day long. funny thing is that she won't drive it herself- she requests Caroline to do the driving while she relaxes in style. Preciousness all around. oh yeah...except for the terrible, awful tantrums that 2 year olds are good at. But I'm filing that in the "forget that" part of child rearing. Caroline is growing and changing and never ceases to amaze me and make me laugh. I'm so thankful for her intelligence and quick wit/sense of humor or my days would be a lot more boring. she loves to tell stories, dance, make up songs, and play school. she is a great helper and encourager for both Em and Hannah. She is still exuding LIFE at all moments I our day...she shakes with excitement and eagerness at the smallest things. Such a reminder to me to be thankful for the simple things in life. She loves to talk about when she is older...when she turns 5, 30, 26... Those are her go-to ages to talk about. She also likes to talk about the time- she wants to know what time it is through out our day. We are excited because out pool opened today and we are looking forward to fun times this summer. We are keeping ourselves busy with the usual trips to the museum, the Wonderplace, picnics in thee park, farmers markets, the zoo, and play dates with friends. The girls have not been going to MDO much lately because we have so much fun on our to-do list each day. LOVING these days spent playing with my three little loves. I will have to figure out how to get some pictures up soon.

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