Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Easter Bunnies

Here are some pictures taken the weekend of Easter. We were so blessed to have a visit from Nana Deb and Aunt Niki. We had a blast just hanging out, playing at the park, and having Easter egg hunts. Niki did a great job capturing a few pictures of the sillies before church on Sunday morning.

Hannah thought the picture taking process was hilarious...she was cracking up.

I really thought they look alike in all these pictures...they are just perfect if I do say so myself.
We had a blast at the park...

Fun at our church Easter egg hunt...

Emily grasped the concept of the hunt but was happy with her ONE egg she picked up, opened, and then sat down to enjoy the candy inside. Caroline and daddy ran with the crowd and attempted to gather as many eggs as possible.
Nana had a special egg hunt prepared for the girls. Her eggs didn't have candy in them- they had money! The girls had a blast finding them and then went inside to make their deposit into their piggy banks. Don't worry Hannah...they shared some with your piggy too:)

We had so much fun and really enjoyed celebrating the true meaning behind Easter.Thanks for coming to AR Nana and Nik!


  1. Not sure how you could be any more blessed! Those are 3 BEAUTIFUL red headed girls. :)