Thursday, January 30, 2014

Caroline turns 5!!

Blog catch up time.
Back in November…my precious Caroline turned 5 years old!! 5!! That sounds crazy and still does 2 months after the fact. How can I have a 5 year old?? We celebrated all week long- at her preschool class, with friends, with our family, and then her big hurrah was a Build-a-Bear party with friends. We had so much fun celebrating our Caroline.

 She wanted to go shopping for some new clothes so we had a fun mommy/daughter date shopping followed by dinner at Panera.

Her favorite gift was a new baby doll- Kathryn joined our family since her previous baby doll Allie has pretty much become disabled (she lost both of her arms).

My best attempt at a Build-a-Bear cake!
Such a fun, sweet time. 

Caroline at 5 years old:
VERY smart and inquisitive
VERY mature, always our helper 
VERY tender hearted, loving
VERY strong 
(physically and in every other form of the word)
VERY serious but also silly??
VERY well behaved- a rule follower
The list could go on and on. I used the word VERY in all of her descriptions because whatever Caroline does- she does it 110%. She is so full of life its contagious. 

We love you Caroline Grace. We had no idea how much love and life you would bring to our world. You are such a blessing. We are so excited about this year ahead and can't wait to be doing it with our "big" girl. 

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