Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thanksgiving 2013

Thanksgiving 2013 was SO much fun for us. My parents and my sister and her family came all the way to Little Rock to celebrate with us. We had SO much fun with a house FULL to the brim of family and  of little ones.  Precious memories were definitely made.

 Little Sawyers first time in Little Rock.

 The Wakefield tradition of the kids putting on a Thanksgiving show/play continues!! This year I was able to round them up long enough to learn a few songs and poems. Costumes and all:) Even baby Kong made the pictures. (If you are wondering- Kong is Emily's beloved bald headed baby doll)
 I believe Emily decided it was Kong's birthday as well, so we all sang and celebrated with him after the Thanksgiving show.
 Campfire, bike riding, late night fun

 Caroline had a fun Thanksgiving feast at her preschool. We had a delicious lunch together with her class. She was dressed up and loving every minute of it. I think its funny that her "Indian" name was Laughing Turkey. I think that suits her perfectly, however, at school I think she is almost 100% serious.

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