Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eureka Springs

Our family (plus our friend Peter) took a trip to north Arkansas to stay overnight in Eureka Springs. We drove up Friday afternoon, drove through Fayettville and stopped for dinner, then reached our destination. We stayed in a very neat castle-esque Inn called the Matterhorn...we rented the "penthouse"/whole top level of the Inn to accommodate all of us. It was very nice- but also very COLD that night! Thankfully the girls room had a heater in it, but Brad and I slept in toboggans and layers of clothes. We discovered castles are very neat- but we are glad we don't live in one for insulation reasons alone. We woke up and toured the town- walked the neat windey, mountain downtown area filled with shops and neat hotels. We went to see The Crescent Hotel- a hotel that truly looks like you've stepped onto the stage of a scary movie from the 1800's. It was beautiful but supposedly had a lot of "haunted" history behind it...we didn't explore that part of it;) We then ventured to The Christ of the Ozarks statue which is the 2nd largest statue of Jesus in the world! Very random that it is in Arkansas, but very beautiful. The 3 girls (and their daddy) did some serious hill rolling as I watched  and took video. I'm pretty sure that log rolling down the hill was their favorite part of the entire trip. We had lunch in a local restaurant, then went and spent the afternoon at a wildlife preserve called Turpentine Creek. They had tigers, lions, bears, coyotes, lepeords, and more. It was neat to see all those animals and learn about their rescue stories. Then we loaded up for the drive home, stopped in Russellville and a great restaurant called Stobys and made it home around 9pm. Fun weekend:) Another location can be checked off our Arkansas bucket list.

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