Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mommy Daughter Tea/ Daddy Daughter Date

Emily's ballet studio put on a mommy daughter sweets and tea party on Saturday. I took the 2 big girls and we had a blast. We had sweets, took pictures, watched the senior company ballerinas dance, and danced to some silly songs. 
That afternoon Brad was the best dad ever and took Caroline, Emily, Jackson, and William to see the movie Frozen- it was Emily's 3rd time to see this movie! He loaded the van up with 2 5year olds and 2 3year olds and took them out for a special evening. I let the girls know that this is how dates work- daddy goes with you:) I'm proud of Brad for taking them all so willingly- that is a LIVELY bunch and he did it seamlessly...maybe...all except a trip into the movie restroom with all 4 of them.;)

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