Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring has sprung!

Spring is TRYING to get here!! We are eating up every single possible minute we can be playing outside these days. Caroline even made an appearance in the newspaper on the first day of spring:)The girls are really enjoying their bikes-CGH can ride without training wheels now!
We had a fabulous week of vacation at the end of March. Brad and I spent a few days in Huntsville and then joined the girls in Milledgeville with the Hobbs side of our family. We had a blast visiting and also got to celebrate the fact that we found a house in Huntsville...and have it under contract!! Very excited:) more details to come!!! Closing/Moving date is set for June 25th!!

We got to spend some time loving on sweet baby Ryne. I wanted to put his sweet self in the van with the rest of the kiddos and bring him home with us. He is an absolute well mannered and calm!! He is such a blessing. So happy we will be moving closer so that cousin time will become a norm:)

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