Wednesday, November 26, 2014

American Girl Weekend

We planned a pretty extravagant, fun birthday for CGH this year...and plan to bless each of the girls with a special 6th birthday trip. We didn't throw a "friend" birthday party but decided on a getaway weekend party instead. 

Caroline and I had a very special one-on-one mommy/daughter weekend in Atlanta. We started our road trip with coffee/hot chocolate and dollar store sunglasses. We enjoyed the drive to Atlanta were we visited the American Girl doll store and she picked out her first real AG. It was so fun to watch her narrow down the process of choosing her doll. Finally, she chose and we both fell in love with the new addition:) My sister came to the store, had lunch at the AG bistro with us,  and joined us for a little Christmas shopping. I made reservations at a hotel for an American Girl package stay for CGH and I to enjoy that night. It was pretty awesome- from the royal treatment at check-in, to the all pink decor in the room, they provided a little girls dream weekend. They had a babydoll bed and pink bathrobe waiting for Caroline's new AG doll, brought us cookies and milk at bedtime (tiny cookies for the doll included!) and then delivered breakfast in bed the next morning. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then went swimming in the indoor pool. We ended the evening playing nail salon and doing each others nails. We woke up and lingered around until about 10- then went by Barnes and Noble and then hit the road back to Grammie and Grandpas house to see do the sisters and cousins:)

I'm not going to lie- this weekend was as much or MORE fun for me as it was for Caroline. It was so nice to devote all of my time, energy, and affection on sweet Caroline. The best part to me was the simple conversations that we got to have about life, the precious little hand holding that she still loves, and the fun pretend play that still comes so easily and innocently at her age. She is such a blessing- and I continue to be amazed at the mature, kind-hearted, FUN, responsible girl that Caroline is growing into. 

Meet Michelle Scarlett Hobbs:) Michelle and Jill are sisters....

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