Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Caroline turns SIX

I know. Crazy. My girl is holding up more fingers than just one hand when she shows her age. She's so grown up- and so much fun!! I totally want to write about her- but I'm not going to finger type it via my iPhone keyboard- so until our computer is back in running order- pictures is all I can do!

We woke up on Wednesday and had our family celebration before school that morning. World record for celebrating fast but still getting to the carpool line at school on time;) 
Caroline got her first big girl Bible! She is reading so well that we thought she was ready to move on to more than just the storybook Bibles- and start getting into Gods word for herself. More on this precious moment later:) 
Birthday pancakes...then out the door!:)
Hannah and I ran home for a few hours, then went back up to Caroline's class for cake pops and chick fil a lunch. Brad was even able to make it. Both sisters joined in the fun. 
We spent the afternoon playing with her new gifts and then met up with some friends at church for pizza before their childrens choir. Lots of fun, lots of excitement, and a lot of love was shown for Caroline. 

The next day I took the three monkeys to the doctor for flu mists and Caroline's 6 year check up. Everything went perfectly- evidently we have a very tall 6 year old;) 
That evening I surprised the girls and took them to Disney on Ice. It was a blast. From $15 snow cones to sticky cotton candy- we enjoyed the night in style!
I love my girls. Nothing better than being able to dress up, spend an evening watching princesses ice skate, and giggling together. I feel like I'm living in a dream world because none of this has been possible for us on the past because we have always had a little one who couldn't make it until 9pm, or some other hold back...but the fun has begun and it is fantastic having all three girls able to join in the fun and enjoy it side by side:)

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