Sunday, October 11, 2009

It's been awhile...

I know, I know, I have not gotten back into blogging like I said I would. But I promise to try and do better! My mom came to visit this week and spent 5 fabulous nights with us. She was on her fall break and had the week off. We got to have some fun girl time- lunches out, shopping, and just being lazy and playing with sweet Caroline. It was neat to see her amazement at Caroline's new skills- it had been a few weeks since they had seen her last. Caroline adores her Grammie, and missed her Grandpa Wakefield a lot!!

We are in the waiting period now for my sister to have her first sweet little baby- he is due Oct. 30th- but I'm hoping and guessing he'll be early!! I'm not sure why I think that- I just want him to be here I think. They live in Atlanta, so I have a suitcase out that needs packed with my things so we can take off to Georgia just as soon as we hear the news. We are so excited to meet Caroline's first cousin...and for me to finally meet my first nephew. I know Cara is ready...the end days of pregnancy are NOT fun.

Saying goodbye to mom is hard- it always is. BUT we know that we will be back in GA soon to see everyone again so that makes it a little easier to bear. It's always better when you have another point in time to look forward too. Thank you mom for coming, for sacrificing your week of vacation to get up early and play with us all day- we loved having you!! Pictures to come. :)

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  1. I had a wonderful time! Thank you for letting me come be with you. I love your house and new neighborhood. Caroline is so much fun and such a sweet and precious little girl:) I love you all very much! Can't wait until we see you again.