Sunday, July 18, 2010

Caroline's BIG weekend!

Ok, I realize this sounds TOTALLY like a "mommy" but that is who I am these days....
Caroline has been trying to sit on her potty seat a few times a day...and guess what?! On Saturday night before bath she did it!! She was able to pee pee in the potty. We celebrated but also realized that we are still far from actually starting the "training" process. She thinks it's pretty cool though! She is turning more and more into a big girl everyday. Kind of scary. Bittersweet for sure!

Our neighbor has a golf cart that Caroline is obsessed with. She got to "drive" it for a few minutes.

Friday morning we got to go play over at the Munson's house. These 3 boys are amazing and take such good care of our little sweetie. They played in the water, had snack, blew bubbles, and then crashed inside and watched some DVD's of course! We love this family more and more each time we hang out with them. We are so thankful for their friendship!

Drumroll please.....
The BIG event of the weekend was that we got to meet ELMO AND DORA!!! A toy store was having a grand opening celebration on Saturday. I took the girls on my own that morning to meet Elmo (the camera didn't make that trip) and then we came back later that evening to meet Dora while Daddy was with us. It was so neat to see Caroline's excitement. She didn't want to touch either of them and screamed when we suggested it, but wanted to talk and interact with them forever. Caroline was also more in love with Dora's "backpack backpack" than anything else! We had a blast watching her excitement. See the videos below.

Emily was not sure what the big deal was...but one day...her big sister will tell her about the day they met DORA!!!

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  1. Caroline, I wouldn't have touched Dora either; she's looking a little freaky ;) LOL!!

    What store is this, Tessa?? Looks neat!!