Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Uncle B and Aunt Sassy

Ben and Sarah came to Little Rock on Friday to surprise Brad with a long weekend visit. Ben and Sarah arrived around 9:30 p.m. and jumped into our new I sent Brad out to get something for me from the van. He was shocked to see them inside! Video below. We were so happy to have them here. We rarely get to spend any one on one time with them so the quality time with them and the girls was amazing. We spent the weekend enjoying every minute...knowing how fast the minutes go by when you want them to last forever. We took trips to the pool, played in the yard, built forts, read books, watched movies, ate yummy food, went to church, enjoyed musical "baby" when Emily was having a hard time, and just had fun like the old days. Caroline loved playing with her aunt and uncle and developed the new names- B and Sassy for them while they were here. She is still asking for them every time we are in the kitchen and she looks downstairs at the guest room. We look forward to seeing them again in September when we take our annual Hobbs family vacation to Hilton Head, SC.
The girls were pretty serious looking Sunday morning and we were not able to get even one happy smiling picture of them. I guess they weren't as excited about the 4th of July as most.

Here are some more random pictures from the rest of the week/weekend. We are attempting to get a more scheduled routine down for Emily this week. It means staying in the house all day, watching the clock like a mad woman and a lot of crying...but it will be best for ALL of us in the long run! It's time for baby bootcamp in our house once again. Caroline is also making the OFFICIAL change from 2 just one a day now. :( BUT if I can figure out how to coordinate this crazy crew, we will enjoy each day a little bit more! Pray for, really....pray for us!! Any mommy that's been there knows that the training part of getting a schedule is the hardest part. 4 month stats from Emily's 4 month doctor visit- 16lbs 10 oz- 95% baby!!! I don't remember her was 90% And her noggin was in the 45% She had 2 shots and was pretty sicky afterwards. Not fun for any of us. Hopefully next time it won't be so bad.

Some serious TV watching

This is the new AMAZING wrap that my sister sent works like a charm! Love it!!
Video of Brad going to the van with Ben and Sarah inside...not the greatest footage, but it's all I could do. It took all I had to keep him up and out of bed/shower before they got here. It was fun. Our friend Justin was on the phone with Brad being the attention getter. ;)

Sweet Emily after a good nap

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  1. So sweet! I love the video of Emily waking up Happy from her nap and the one of Caroline dancing! So neat that you were able to surprise Brad with the visit from Ben and Sarah! You are one amazing Mommy and Wife!