Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Daddy Daughter Swim

I am so thankful for a husband who is willing to give all his free time to his little girls. He LOVES taking Caroline swimming and our pool is open late on Tuesday and Thursday nights for "family night". Most the pics and video are of the pool, but a couple are of our very own Hobbs Water park that sits in our front yard. Thanks to Nana Deb, Aunt Cara and Daddy we have a very fun water park right out our front door. I always play the "I have to watch Emily" card and daddy sucks it up and takes the cold water, curious neighbors and sometimes uninterested Caroline on for a fun time. I tried to add as many videos as I could...we have so many more, but these are pretty good. Caroline has no fear of the big pool at all. I have a feeling she'll be swimming like a fish before long. They got a new slide put in at our pool and I could already see Brad's wheels turning as he thought of how to get her on it- I vetoed that least for a little while...she's only 1!!! But I can't blame him- he wants his girls to be a better swimmer/diver than their mama. :)

This video is of her watching one of her new favorites...she cracks up EVERY time she watches it. She was showing dad the funny part before their trip to the pool.

Caroline always pauses to "get her dance on"
ALWAYS pauses to "get her dance on"LOL

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  1. Shaef ESPECIALLY loved the pics of Brad, and only Brad, in the pool!! Guess every Resident has to relax somehow! hehe