Monday, December 13, 2010

Shutterfly Promo

Guess what time of year it is--Christmas Card time!!!! I absolutely LOVE getting Christmas cards in the mail and look forward to seeing what the mailman brings our way each day. Thanks to Shutterfly, we will be getting our cards for free this year...check it out here. What a great surprise during this holiday season! Shutterfly offers so many great design options and themes.

As you know it is quite difficult to get a great shot of our VERY active little girls, but thanks to Shutterfly, no matter what the picture looks like the card will be super cute! My goal is to make some of our gifts this year using Shutterfly's gift ideas.We may even make a photo calender using Shutterfly. Go here to create your own! What a fun gift idea that I know grandparents would love.

So, don't worry! It is not too late for you to create your own memories before Christmas. Here are some options here... or perhaps you could do a New Year's card instead. I also think that these cards will be perfect for birthday invitations when the girls birthdays roll around. Emily's is in just 2 1/2 months!! I know these will be perfect for that.

So go to Shutterfly NOW and create the perfect photo Christmas card...and don't forget to send one to us! Caroline LOVES pictures....she's already carrying the photo cards we've received around the house...and she even shares then with Emily. Thanks, Shutterfly, for helping us afford and create Christmas Cards this year.

Look for yours in the mail someday this week!

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  1. Just got my cute card with your two cute girls! Great pics!