Monday, December 20, 2010

Trip to St. Louis

The girls and I packed up and left for St. Louis on Friday. We met my parents in Memphis and they traveled the rest of the way with us. We had a lot of fun and wore the girls out! They were really great travelers and I was impressed with how well they did. We arrived in time Friday night to attend my uncle's Christmas benefit concert that he puts on each year. It was phenomenal. We got to visit with some of my mom's side of the family and fortunately it worked out that our friends from Mercer Medical school, Matt and Allison Barton and baby Noah, were able to come visit! We got spend a few hours loving on handsome Noah and catching up. I was so thankful that Allison made the drive to come see us. We left for Little Rock on Sunday morning and had lunch at a restaurant that we had eaten at several times growing up- Lamberts Cafe "Home of the "throwed" rolls". It is a huge restaurant, down home cooking, and of course- "throwed rolls!" Caroline loved taking it all in...and especially loved a mechanical choo choo train that circled around overhead. There is a video below of the rolls being tossed. :)

Paul and Tim played some background music on Saturday as we visited. :)

Little Moe was the hit of the party- Emily and Caroline gave him a work out! Thanks for the entertainment Moe...and we loved your sweater.

These pics were taken on the way Lamberts and McDonalds. Fun road trip stops. I think we averaged stopping at 4 McDonalds this trip. Wow. No, we didn't eat at all of them, just stretched and played, but I have had my fill! At one of them I got to experience the playplace up close and personal. The indoor play area was labeled "ages 3 and up"....for a good reason. Because when I coerced my newly 2 year old into it and she took off climbing, climbing, climbing, through a huge maze...she couldn't find her way down and was NOT going to go down the slide herself. So after a few minutes of realizing my "coaching" skills were not going to get her down, I took my boots off and journeyed up the maze. Wow. It was a work out, very claustophobic, and confusing!! It took me a good 5 minutes to figure out where in the world Caroline was! Thankfully she was happy as a lark, jumped on my lap and slid down the slide with me. Not much fun for me- lots for her I am sure. So, don't ignore the signs on the play area. They are legit. :)

And I just took a couple pics of my sassy little thing this morning. She looks so big to me. She is growing and changing everyday. She wants to walk so's coming soon I know.

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