Sunday, June 19, 2011

Caroline at 2 1/2

Here are some funny and endearing things our precious 2 year old is up to these days...

-She LOVES to play with her baby dolls. She feeds them, snuggles them, rocks them, puts them down for naps, bathes them, strolls them...anything you could think of. It is so neat to see her really adapt to this new idea of getting a "new baby" in our family. She talks about new baby everyday and is really starting to internalize the fact that I have a sweet new sister growing in my tummy. She has started hiking her pants up really then added one of her baby dolls inside of her hiked up pants and said she was having a baby like mommy. She is a bright one. She loves to "nurse" her babies and then proceed to talk through the stages of food babies eat- from mommy's milk, to rice cereal, bananas, baby food, etc. She likes to pick out clothes for the new baby to wear. She likes to fill her littlest sisters crib with special toys she picks out for her.
Funny story- Emily was wearing some of Carolines fairly recent pajama sets...because they are practically the same size. Caroline was upset and wanted them back and so I started into a serious discussion about how she is growing, and she is getting big, and she needs to wear them, and I think I said she is growing a million times...which is what Caroline correlates to the NEW baby. So Caroline goes into a random fit of rage (as we are getting in bed for the night) and I finally get her calmed down to understand her and she says "Get her out! Get her out! Get new baby out of your tummy. She is big! She is growing!" Caroline thought that I had said new baby had grown and was big and she was wanting to see her littlest sis. Precious moment for me. I can already tell this #3 is going to be loved unconditionally by ALL of us around her.
-Caroline is attached to her blankets...2 in particular that make there way around the house through out the day. If she ever gets hurt, upset or even if Emily gets hurt, those blankets are magic and help ease all the worry in the world. She still uses a passy in her bed only at those blankets are her comfort. I don't mind :)
-She loves to dress up in shoes, play clothes, jewelry, etc. She loves talking about the "Princesses" now. You know, Cinderella, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Ariel, Snow White, and Jasmine. They are probably about to become a fabulous staple of the Hobbs household with all this estrogen flying around. I think its sweet...
-She is a great swimmer! She loves to play and frolic in the baby pool...but really gets a kick out of the big pool adventures when daddy is around. She will jump off the side a million times. She doesn't mind her head going under...she has always been a great water baby. She has a set of floaties she wears on her arms and she will kick and doggy paddle like a champ. Brad is a great teacher...I am still terrified if he moves more than a foot away from her. But she's learning and loves to swim right now.
-Her favorite drinks- lemonade and....Sprite. Yes. I finally gave in and let the girl get Sprite when we were at a restaurant. She loves it of course.
-She is obsessed with lollipops...Dum Dum suckers to be exact. They remedy ANY situation and for that I am grateful.
-Since our last trip to Georgia she will randomly ask to go back to Georgia. She will say "I haven't seen them in awhile", talking about our family, and ask if she can go to their houses. So sweet. I wish. I wish it were that easy.
-Caroline loves to talk through our day, any event that is coming up, or past DETAIL. We sit and she will listen to me forever as I tell her about what is going to happen (ie the babysitter that is coming tomorrow night...I walk her through the night and tell her everything that will happen) This is great because she likes the predictability and it eases her into the transition of new situations. The hard part? Making sure my story turns into actual reality..note to self...pick up stickers for Caroline and babysitter to play with tomorrow night! :) And, go ahead and pray for this sweet babysitter tomorrow night bc she will be putting both the girls to we evil??
-Caroline loves to walk along me and the shopping cart when we are in a store now since Emily is sitting in the cart. She usually does a great job and is perfectly sweet. The other day we had to do a grocery shopping excursion and she was off the chain. Literally. She fell down like 14 times and screamed bloody murder once that the lady in the meat department ran to our aisle to "check" on us and make sure that she didn't see a "baby snatching" happening. REALLY??? I assured her that no, these were my children, she just fell and was upset, and probably looked at her very awkwardly until she left. Sweet...I GUESS....If in fact I was stealing a child...but clearly, not the case. So to ease the whole issue Caroline found a ball on the toy aisle. I let her have it...and even coerced her to try and kick it down the whole grocery aisle (that we were on) chase after it, then come back to me. She loved this game!! And it was only possible because we were in an almost deserted grocery store at a very good time of day. So she played this game the rest of the shopping trip. People probably thought I was crazy as Emily choked down a sucker and Caroline screamed like a giddy school girl chasing her ball down the aisle. Good news...I DON'T CARE!! We made it out alive, happy, and with groceries. Success.
-She loves her little Bible. She sleeps with lie. Nap time, bed time, her little Bible is with her at all times. She will sit and skim the pages and really focus in on the picture of baby Jesus in the manger. She calls it God's word and loves to "quote" it. She says the following "Children obey parents. Be kind to one another. Jesus loves me. Jesus loves you. Jesus died on the cross. God made me." So good to see that God's word is already soaking into her little mind and heart. I have been reading Psalm 139 to her this week during our morning quiet time and she surprise me by saying "Psalm 139" as she was playing with her Bible. AMAZING what all her little mind is soaking up each day. What a challenge for me to be the BEST example I can.
-This morning her Sunday school teacher walked out to the parking lot with us after church and she said that Caroline was hilarious in class and that she adored her. She said she was SO smart and very verbal and such a helper. She loved having her in class. Oh it made my heart happy! I know she is brilliant...but to hear others talk about it, melts me. So on that note, I know she is ready for....
-Camp...Caroline is going to camp! Yes, camp! She is going to attend Little Life Academy (a church Mother's Day Out/Preschool program) for 2 days starting this fall. They have a 1 week summer camp/Bible School that I signed her up for. It is everyday this next week from 9-1pm. It is going to be a big adventure for her little self...but I know she will love it. Every minute of it. So...if mommy can actually LET GO tomorrow morning...Caroline will have a fabulous week at camp. She has a new backpack, a lunch box, and all her things labeled and ready to go. Very sweet and to come tomorrow. Tear. But I am sure we will all enjoy the week- Emily and I have lots of important things to do. Like...I don't know...but we will figure it out.

And that is my sweet little firecracker in a nut shell. I love her to death.

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