Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet me in St. Louis!

I am so excited about my cousins wedding this weekend. It's in St. Louis...and hold on to your hats...I am getting to travel...ALL.BY.MY.SELF. Yes!! It's true. It will sort of be like a mini vacation! I am meeting my family- mom, dad, sister, and brother for a fun weekend of celebrating with our sweet relatives. Who will watch the girls you ask? Their daddy has the whole weekend off and will do the honor of playing mommy and daddy this weekend. I know the girls will love the quality time with him. This is only time I have ever left the girls with dad for a prayers are appreciated...on his part...not mine! :) JK I am leaving late Friday night, and will be back on Sunday (with my parents). Mom and Dad are coming to stay the week with us in Little Rock. Enjoy the weekend...I am not sure if I will even know what to do with myself, but I am pretty certain I will enjoy it.

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  1. UM< I HOPE YOU ARE PLANNING ON LETTING ME KNOW THIS BIT OF INFO?!?! plllllllllease visit if you have time!!! you could even stop by and see our house!?!